Friday 28 October 2016

Silence of the Dead

In the far parts of large CUREMORE hospital, there a secluded morgue section where the dead are sent for their final journey to be buried in the earth. Most of staff members fear this part of the building for the creepy, unkempt atmosphere. There are only 2 nurse stationed there at all times, not matter what day. Almost as if they lived in that section, according to the oldest head nurse of the hospital. The only know work that they provide is to process the deceased patients, ready for the other family members to pick up. 

 One is known as Nurse Pain, whose dark figure that never speaks. Her silence alone is torture to endure along with her single dark shadowed gold eye staring into the soul. Patrons who have to deliver dead patients will return with pale, feverish complexion after silent interactions with her. Another is known as Nurse Joy, not to be deceived with her pink appearance, the one that usually replies in a voice that can be mistaken as a child. Her replies are always in sinister tone and her tiny laughs are not natural for a girl. Creepy and disembodied sounds are normal occurrence at the section. Most would regard the section as haunted from the souls of the unrest patients.

And of course most doesn't know that both of them are masters in extracting blood from the human body. Some of the patients are actually alive when this process is being done on them. Patients who are deemed incurable or in state of coma for far too long. Is it how the hospital are able to have adequate amount of blood supplies for the patients who needs it after all.

Hello spooky dollz! It's almost time for Halloween Night! I almost don't want October to end! There's so much horror stuff going on too on the grid that you dollz have to try out! A new event has open its dorrs as well, which is Blood Horror fair that feature many designers with bloody splattered clothings and creepy items to purchase for your own home or dungeons.

Highlight of the outfits are the RARE Angelic Medic Dress and Angelic Nurse Dress as well items from the Lovely Clinic gacha, a collaboration between CURELESS[+] and Moon Amore for the Ephiphany event. Also for the Epiphany is clown makeup tattoo worn by Nurse Pain by The White Crow. The lovely creepy Morgue set also comes with lamp, cabinets, sink, draining table, crank-up table, all the items in the set also comes in script-enable and no script version for your props and roleplay needs. The set is available at The Nightmare event. The blood packs you see next to the corpse is some of the items from Les Sucreries de Fairy gacha for the Blood Horror fair. More credits down below and I'll see you dollz in the next post! <3

Nurse Joy
Body Pixel
Hair @ [NANI] - Yunio hair *past Origami Hunt prize
Head + Skin @ *(OO)*YUKI - Lila 08
Eyes @ CURELESS[+] - Cutie Coven Eyes/Ruby Light/Enchantment [Kawaii Project, ends Nov 15th] *new
Nails @ Dark Passion - Sugar Skulls [Trick or Treat Lane, ends Nov 1st] 

Head @ CUREMORE - Nurse Headdress/BLOOD/Lovely Clinic gacha [Epiphany, ends Nov 15th] *new
Mouth-piece @ CUREMORE - X-ray Headpiece/BLOOD
Dress CUREMORE - Angelic Nurse Dress /RARE/ Lovely Clinic gacha [Epiphany, ends Nov 15th] *new
Chest-piece @ CUREMORE - X-ray Chestpiece/PURE/ Lovely Clinic gacha [Epiphany, ends Nov 15th] *new
Socks @ Izzie's - Bloody Socks
Shoes @ REIGN - Harlee Plats White

Nurse Pain
Body Pixel
Hair @ Alice Project - Aileene/Bloody White *past Massacre Week gift
Skin @ Glam Affair - Sia Ghost/Polar 01 NB
Eyes @ *PaperMoon* - Eruda Eyes: Vivids/Lights/Yellow
Make up @ The White Crow - Happy Clown 2 COMMON/gacha [Epiphany, ends Nov 15th] *new
Nails @ Dark Passion - Trick or Treat [Trick or Treat Lane, ends Nov 1st] *free *hunt

Head @ CUREMORE - Nurse Headdress/NOIR/Lovely Clinic gacha [Epiphany, ends Nov 15th] *new
Dress @ CUREMORE - Angelic Medic Dress/RARE/Lovely Clinic gacha [Epiphany, ends Nov 15th] *new
Neck @ Les Sucreries de Fairy - *Blood Potion* necklace/gacha [Bloody Horror, ends Nov 10th] *new
Shoes @ #EMPIRE - Freesia Black Latex
Gloves @ Sn@tach - Basic Latex Gloves

Table, Sink, Cabinet, Lamp @ *~Souzou.Eien~* - Morgue Set [The Nightmare]
Corpse @ [ContraptioN] - Props:Wrapped Corpse *lay* *group gift
Blood Packs @ Les Sucreries de Fairy - Blood, Alien, Zombie, Unicorn (RARE) Cuddle Packs/*Blood Potion* gacha [Bloody Horror, ends Nov 10th] *new

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