Saturday 3 March 2018

Loving Grace

"Normal is an illusion,
What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly"
-Morticia Addams

Hello dollz! Hope the year is going along good for you dollz~ As for me, I think I'm on a roll with blogging finally with being able to log in and play dress up ;D I want to focus on my store too a bit so that I can make some fun stuff as well! You dollz might not notice but the picture today is inspired by the beautiful Kina Shen that I kinda obsessed over a bit. Do check her out in Instagram tho~

Highlight of the picture is the flirty set by CUREMORE, the collaboration brand between CURELESS[+] and Moon Amore, for the February round of Collabr88. [Yes, I know I'm kinda late] The beautiful body tattoo is by The White Crow for the last round of Blush in which you dollz can get at the mainstore. The rose in the glass is animated whether rezzed on ground of worn on avatar. It will wilt as time progress and repeat cycle, it's a very beautiful animation. Rest of the credit down below and I will see you dollz in the next post~

Body Pixels
Hair @ Truth - Kizzy
Head @ CATWA - Catya v3.0
Skin @ more more - Yuni skin / milk
Eyes @ .::Cubic Cherry::. - Nemune Eyes
Eyeshadow @ Suicidal Unborn! - Laney Eyeshadows
Lips @ [CerberusXing] - Berry Lipstick Set
Face + Body Tattoo @ The White Crow - Skin Pleasure *new

Neck @ //Naberius// - The Manticore Collar / Black
Shoulder @ CURELESS[+] - Red Queen's Realm / Cheshire's Shawl / Black
Outfit @ CUREMORE - Noirette Lingerie *new
Hand @ [CerberusXing] - Shredder Claws / Onyx *new

22769~[bauwerk] - Violin Nook
Rose @ *NAMINOKE* - Glass Covered Rose / Beauty & Beast / Red *new

{konpeitou} - Pose Collection 2 / loop *free

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