Thursday 25 July 2013

Down into The NekoZone

I was looking for run-down urban metropolis for a blog challenge when I remember I had promise myself to visit the all-famous NekoZone Central which is now featured on the destination tab.

This place is officially my new damn fave sim. The urban feel, the rain, the run-down alleys and the music. Man, nothing beats dubstep for me! There some flying cabs around can gives off the feel of futuristic place, but looking like a strip or place where the rebels hangout. I can picture some disguised demons or shape-shifters looking over the dark city like a guardian. Oh, it really sounds like the Angel tv series!

In the middle of my posing and snapping, I was lucky enough to stumble upon the owner of NekoZone, Fox Daviau! He was so kind to give me tour around as well as a visit to his penthouse on the highest point of the city. He told me of a sewer existed under the city, but I didn't have enough time to explore more because of my classes (I didn't skip it, don't worry LOL)

"From the highest point"
NekoZone has a club that spins occasionally. I was told that they still needed staffs before setting the club on fixed time. I wish I could take part but my hectic schedule is already making my day crazy on daily basis. But  if you guys are interested, head down to NekoZone and if you're lucky, you might meet Fox himself!

"Boss style, me and Fox"

I'm sure you might see me there too, I know I will dropping there for the music and am considering whether I should make that sim as home.... hmmm

Your flying cab to NekoZone
NekoZone Facebook

Hair @ Tableau Vivant - Constantine (Hair Fair Gift)
Hairbase @ shaved ornament: white shades
Skin @ 7 Deadly s[k]ins-Gail
Eyes @ sicknessthesia-Sickness Red eyes
Makeup @ Sn@tch Wild makeup (LL)
Tank @ Corvus-Evil bunny tank
Pants @ Czarny Kanarek-Brown Bloody Harem pants
Shoes @ even.flow - spiked sneakers (Endless Summer Hunt-ended)
Piercing @ [ni.ju] Amped piercings + BB - Lip piercings
Necklace @ Celtic necklace 
Ear @ BB-ear piercing (modded) + Scrub-3 stupid earring (ESHunt)
Tatoo @ Elven G.G.N Tatoo

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