Friday 30 August 2013

Beach Sparks

The wind is shifting. Nature is changing color. Fall is coming.

With the few days of summer left. It's time to soak up all the vitamins while you still can. Head down to a beach or just spending time outside doing activities and such. Soon enough, September will be quite a busy month with the Arcade and lots of Halloween Hunts *excited* But right now I'm preparing to go to a Beach Party organized by a fellow Social Group member. Take a look! :D

[Dandelion Wine] has a new meshy swimsuit with 8 colorful textures HUD that is suitable for any beachy occasion! She also has a pretty lacy lingerie for subscribers that I can't show it here because *ahem* it's quite NSFW. But do head down to her main store and pick up that pretty lingerie and strut it! It's available in 4 colors and includes appliers as well. 

After that I head down to Black Salt Beach that I found from a new Flikr group that Miss Berry created to showcase the amazing places in SL. After I took photo, I walked around and ended up at a hot spring at the highest point of the sim. (Ok I admit I cheated by flying. I was so impatient!) 

Hair @ D!va
Skin @ WoW Skins
Swimsuit @ Dandelion Wine
Eye Makeup @ [mock]

P.S - I accidentally changed my outfit before I blogged so I'm very sorry for the lack of credit. I will update it when I miraculously found again what I wore before*laughs*

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