Friday 8 November 2013

Horrorfest - Sisterhood

The year 2097, the previous virus almost swept the earth clean of humans. But a clever scientist created the antidote at the nick of time. It was spread through air. The same way as virus did. But then, some who were infected turn into something else. Shape-shifters is what they call. It's uncertain if they truly could shape-shift but they really do posses the characteristics of some animals. Some looked like a tiger, some only grew tail. These population are very few and considered as exclusive pets to high rollers. Most kept as breeders and slaves for their good genes or strength. Some became dancers or thieves. What is sure that they are surviving in the harsh future world.

There is a secret club to where they hire these population. It was reserved to high status people and only with money will you inside. The spotlight is always on the slurty Rabbit Dancer. She was the popular and demanded among the dancers. Being a rabbit shifter makes her full with energy every time she dance, she would dance until the dawn breaks and money would be raining on her.

She is one of the best criminals in the town. She could snatch away millions' worth of jewelries ever before anyone could push the alarm button. As a Cat Burglar, she does what does best and what she really love. 

The recent increasing numbers of victims with bodies either wide open or severed were alarming. All of the victims are male and no connection between each other what so ever. Killing patterns are very random and no one could come up with logic explanation. That is, if they were to think a little out from the that tiny box, they might find a clue. The small clump of white fur in one of the man's nose, tit bits of glitters strangely inside the intestine of an gashed open man. 

Perhaps they would know, that the so-called weakling are secretly devouring them. One by one.

Hi again my dollz! Pardon for the long absence, I was away during the holidays and came back to college with a big slam to studying. I must tell you that I'll slacking on blogging a little for to study for upcoming exams. Haha! Originally I really wanted to make this as a Halloween post but I think it's too late for it and I'll opt for a Horrorfest post. Quick though, today is the last day of the event! Right now they are spinning the table to celebrate the success of Horrorfest! Credits below and I hope to you dollz again!

My Styling Cat Burglar
Available at Horrorfest
Corset @ My Little Bat - Horror Corset [blood-gatcha]
Shorts @ SAKIDE - Hallow's Shorts [gatcha]
Blood @ ~SongBird~ - Will you still love me?
Eyeshadow @ The Stringer Mausoleum - Fashion Monster makeup [rare]
Jewelries @ AZE jewelries - Yum Kimil, 
Hair @ [COLORS] 
Skin @ 7 Deadly s[k]ins - MadPea hunt gift
Ear @ {PHYCHO:Byts} - Black Neko [Dark Kat hunt gift - past]
Boots @ [HTxDZ] - puss in boots

Sis Styling Rabbit Dancer
Available at Horrorfest
Rabbit ear @ DEADPOOL - Dead bunny purple bow
Outfit, cuff @ 90 Degress - Naughty Bunny
Eyeshadow @ Alli's - Nightmare eyes [store hunt gift]
Hair @ Truth - Rebel
Skin @ [PF] - Harley <Caramel>
Boots @ Diabolika