Tuesday 25 March 2014

Meet my Pumpkins

There is a shop. A very mysterious one. Partly hidden within the buildings of +RMK+ city. When you step in, a particular lady comfortable seated in flickering light of a candle will greet you. Whether she will grants your wish or not, depends on how you answer her greeting. Some say she can bring the dead back to life, with an equal price as an exchange. Some say she knows all the dark secrets of each mankind; past, present and perhaps the future. Some say she has lived ever since the time ticked. It is true? Well, it's up to you to wonder and guess.

"How may I entertain you in this fine day?"

I have this idea in my head for quite a while. Seeing I have not unleash my inner darkness self and it's not Halloween yet. Heck, everyday is Halloween in SL! I just can't wait until World Goth Fair! The place of this shooting is, as said, in one of hidden buildings in +RMK+, furnished with Noctis' Undertaker set. Dev, one of the staff of +RMK+ and a great friend of mine, help out with the setting and I could never thank him enough. Enjoy and I'll see ya again, dollz!

Hair @ Truth - Maiko Black [Arcade March 2014]
Skin @ 7 Deadly s[k]ins - March GG
Eyes @ {Dead Apples} - Sinister Madness Horror Edition 
Teeth @ [ContraptioN] - Carnivorous Jaw
Hat @ Lanoir Soleil Design - Steampunk Romantic 
Eyepiece @ [QE] - Outlander Monocle Brown [Final Fantasy Gacha]
Choker @ Chaos, Panis, Disorder - Widow Choker
Top @ Loordes of London - A Gothic Tale#15
Pants @ Loordes of London - Avseende Pants

Pumpkins @ Remarkable Oblivion - Group Gift
Set-up @ Noctis - The Undertaker Parlour 


  1. Haha AWEOME! Great character. ^^/

    1. Thanks a lot! Originally this was a character I meant to do for that contest... too bad I was late for it ^^;