Thursday 3 July 2014

Level Up - Of Golds and Glamour

Integra, a former racing Queen who is the only vampire so far to have a clean winning streak in both vampire and human world. She retired after winning one of the grandest prize, saying that she already have enough thrill of racing. She took over the Immortal 500 after the previous race proved to be too plain for her taste. Racing was never the same again after that.

This year, she wanted something rather grand for the 250th anniversary of the race. During her musing, a dark-skin vampire appeared before, with a very tempting offer as the grand prize. His condition was to be able to participate the race. A strange request, for a sponsor to become a racer. She agreed almost instantly, thinking of no harm would cause from this strange handsome vampire.

How wrong she was, this year's race recorded the most tragic accidents happened. Integra watched on as another team was bickering just before the line from her spot at the winning podium. She heard the swaggering steps before his figure was revealed from the tumbling heavy smokes. She had doubts but now she was very, very sure that Mr Sponsor/Racer was no ordinary vampire. Kaiser Kruel, one of the Original Elder and ruler of the dark vampire world. She cursed for not realising this sooner, of his hidden agenda and her stupidity.

Just when she was about to throw the trophy at his face, she took a glance to his eyes and that was her biggest mistake. Fallen to his Glamorized, she could only watch on as he neared her with slow steps through the finish line and handed him the trophy as well as the Grand Prize that Kaiser Kruel had no intention of giving to anyone else.

Ok wow, that was long. I had to, since me and Dev have both agreed for this post to be the wrapper of the Immortal 500 story and I somehow got caught up myself in the story, haha! We might bring it up in future, though, who knows. However, if you wanna understand complete, head over to Dev's blog to read about Mr Kaiser Kruel true intention.

Level Up will be around until July 5th, so better get all the gear you need for your racing needs! Look forward for the next theme of Level Up~

Integra Styling
Hair @ {Rumina} - Jessica [Group Gift]
Crown @ BluePrintz - Diamond Crown Gold [Level Up]
Skin @ Essences - Jamie [Free Gift]
Ear @ MANDALA ver4
Eyes @ {S0NG} - Circles eyes [Re-opening Gift]
Eyeshadow @ Plastik - HeavySmoke [past FLF]
Dress +Collar @ The Sugar Garden - Racer Girl [Level Up]
Shoulder @ NaNa - Behemoth
Bracelet @ Sn@tch - Suede Bracelet
Glove @ AdamEve - Leather SLink gloves
Boots @ *COCO* - Over the knee Boots [Free Gift]

Kaiser Kruel Styling

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