Saturday 27 September 2014

A Clockwork Spiral - Steam Witch Hideout

They call me Steam Witch. Funny how that name amuse me. Certainly, they didn't call me that for nothing. I was feared since I could make all mechanical things follow my orders, even the prototypes. A simple trick I learned actually, many many years ago, on how to manipulate these steam gears. I crushed all other vampires who have this slightest knowledge of it, to make it my only powers. And thus, the name.

However, a new technology arise, one that does not get affected by my trick. This would certainly my doom, unless I could do something... It's time for me to meet an old friend once more...

Greetings again! It been awesome day for A Clockwork Spiral, since they have surpassed last year's donation total a few days ago! Wohooo! And to think there is less than a week left for this event. What are you waiting for? You guys better shop before it closes! Until then :D

Steam Witch styling
Hair @ LCKY - Rhiannon Neutrals
Skin @ 7 Deadly s[k]ins - Patience Cotton Candy Special release
Eyes @ Pin Me Down - Koh 5 [A Clockwork Spiral, 100L]
Eye Tattoo @ [Kooqla] - Lost Verse [past Makeup & Tattoo hunt gift]
Eyepiece @ ~*Souzou.Eien*~ - Student's + Activist's Monocle [A Clockwork Spiral Gacha]
Lips @ [Kooqla] - lip05 [past group gift]
Nails @ Pin Me Down - Oscarion [A Clockwork Spiral, 100L]
Ring @ UNREPENTANT - The Deep in Gold [A Clockwork Spiral, 199L]
Gloves @ AdamEve - Opera SLink Gloves
Choker @ Lassitude & Ennui - Wayfinder choker [A Clockwork Spiral, 180L]
Outfit @ :{MV}: - Libertine Corset + Skirt in Copper [A Clockwork Spiral, 375L]
Hat @ House of Rain - Stand and Deliver Hat [A Clockwork Spiral, 150L]
Boots @ Dark Matter - Chain Boots

Furnitures @ 22769/bauwerk [A Clockwork Spiral]
Cane @ Chaos, Pain, Disorder [A Clockwork Spiral, 99L]

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