Tuesday 31 March 2015

Hologram Hanami

It was the era where every organic scenery was replaced with holograms, where it was impossible to breath the atmosphere. But people were strong, they find solutions. They created giant domes on top of cities and created a machine to turn the acidic air to oxygen. Even if the air still pollute and kill them slowly. It was the time when the flowers were to bloom and they still wanted to withhold that tradition. Holograms of blooming sakura trees were found throughout the city of NeoTokyo. 

At the home of Ninji Ceres, where she decorated the tea house with man made pond with mechanical koi fish. A blooming apricot tree completes the scene that she remembers from her childhood. But it's no safe era now. Along with her pet hologram dragon, she will continue the tradition of tea ceremony for as long as she can.

I had this Hanami idea when i visited the Origami event with the theme of "SAKURA to HANAMI" in celebrating the spring season. It's a very lively and relaxing sim. And of course I love this season especially with all the flowers blooming and the streets is just filled with colourful petals. Origami event will be open until 5th of April, so you dollz have time to pick up the items you fancy. Thank you DevinVaugh for allowing me to borrow his set for my picture. Enjoy!

Body Pixels
Skin @ Enfant + Mudskin - Late Bird 
Hair @ Tableau Vivant - Choko hair
Body Tattoo @ Letis Tattoo - Essence
Face Tattoo @ .antielle. - Sakurifivation [available at Origami] + Pin Me Down - Anti White [Skin Fair]
Ear @ MANDALA - Steking Ears Season 5
Piercings @ [ni.ju] - Marx + Dismantle Piercings
Eyelashes @ Lovely Alien - StarryEyelashes + [ni.ju] - Hime-yu lashes bottom
Eyes @ {S0NG} - Murky Eyes Bubble

On head @ ALTAIR* - Sakura Hairclip white
Neck @ [TfAtN] - Planetery Necklace Ceres RARE
On ear @ Gridwear - Solarity Left Ear
On Shoulder @ Gridwear - Illusive Right Upper Arm
Outfit @ .::Dead Dollz::. - Kunoichi Black
Arm Wrap @ DPD - Arm wrap dark
Chest binding @ Bakusu - Samurai Sarashi Dark
Leg wrap @ Bakusu - Samura Kyahan Dark
Leg tattoo @ Chary - Leg Stripes [group gift]
Footwear @ [CerberusXing] - Trapped Sakura Clogs dark [available at Origami]
Pet @ Gridwear - Tempest Dragon 
Mouthie @ [CerberusXing] - Mitarashi Danga Mouth [group gift]
Hand @ [CerberusXing] - Teshoku Red [group gift]

House @ +Theater*Chain+ - CHA-SHITSU Modern White [available in Origami]
Pond @ 8f8 - Silent Conversation Fish Pond RARE
Lamps @ Origami Group gift - Hanami Lam Gin *free
Tree + petals @ Isovii - Ume tree [subcription gift]
Dango @ [CerberusXing] - Matarashi Dango rezz [group gift]

1st pic @ The Muse Poses - Seduction 2 [group gift]

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