Wednesday 10 June 2015

Ways of the Plague

War, chaos, destruction, disorder, simply the taste of despair excite the Sorceress. Oh, how she thirsted for it. But ever since that good-for-nothing King plans to sign a peace treaty with other countries, it's been so boring. With no one in desperation, they would not summon her to do their bidding. And she was not about to allow such thing to happen. Sacrifices are her favorite delicacy and pretty much the source of her powers. 

And one day, she heard the all too familiar calling of an old ally, the Black Knight. He was weakened from lack of war of the world, needing for a new body. They made a deal once more, to overrule the good King.  Finally it's time to start the reign of terror. The plague of Death and Despair

Ohai! Once more, me and Dev team up for a short series that use items from the Arcade. He's wearing the Rare, Dark Forces from Death Row Design gacha while I'm wearing the Pixicat Temptation Dark Corset Rare gacha key. My melting horns is a group gift by |CerberusXing|, available at the mainstore. My lovely wings and tails is the latest release by ~*Souzou.Eien*~ for We<3RolePlay this round. Do check it out! We had so much fun with this fantasy medieval setting. It's a genre that I seldom try but you just can't go wrong when evil tries to take over :P Do check out Dev's blog for the Black Knight credits and story. May our Reign of Terror prevails, dear dollz.

"With the blood that summon me, 
I grant his darkest desire,
The night will overcome the day,
On the field of combat, a lion will lay;
Pierced through his eyes, through his broken golden cage,
A great would to peace, darkness will reign..."

Body Pixels
Skin @ Glam Affair - Ellie Skin Nostalgia Blue Artic
Hair @ ~Tableau Vivant~ - Petit Hair
Eyes @ *PaperMoon* - Eruda Eyes Vivids/Lights Yellow + Dark Matter - Catification Red
Blood on body + face @ .antielle. - Demon Blood
Piercing @ |CerberusXing| - Bitten (Gold) *group gift
Horns @ |CerberusXing| - Horny Melts *group gift
Wings @ ~*Souzou.Eien*~ - Little Imp Wings [Available at WLRP] *new
Tail @ ~*Souzou.Eien*~ - Little Imp Tail [Available at WLRP] *new

Corset @ Pixicat - Temptation Dark RARE *new
Crown @ The Nebulae! - Hekate's Crown Gold RARE
Wristcuff @ The Nebulae! - Martyred Saint Bracer Gold
Necklace @ The Nebulae! - Psychopomp Necklace Day Hart ULTRARARE
Shoes @ Nana - Tori Ballet Red + Claws

1st pic @ The Muses - Seductive pose
2nd @ [Black Tulip] - Into the Woods Set 2 + self edits

Black Knight

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