Tuesday 7 July 2015

End of an Empire

"At the edge of the hellfire
It's the end of an empire
In the line of the gunfire
It's the end of an empire
Again, again, again
It's the end of an empire

A start, an end, a rise and fall
No system eternal and no one immortal
Creation; all must end in destruction
We cannot change the fate of civilization

Start, end
We build up the symbols of power
Rise, fall
Constructs of a mortal mind
Life span
Conquer in our brightest hour
But then we all must fall in time

Through space and time
We can't escape this paradigm"

Celldweller - End of an Empire 

I had this idea when I heard the song in the radio station in SL while assembling my outfit and I really like how it all come out. The lipstick I'm wearing is the hunt gift for Body Art Hunt by SongBird. Try your luck hunting for it! Most of my stuff are available at respective mainstore. I do recommend listening to the music as I will embed it below. Enjoy, dollz!

Body Pixels
Body @ Maitreya - Lara mesh Body
Skin @ Glam Affair - Viva la Noce Asia
Hair + Hat @ Little Bones - Frostbite *group gift
Eyes @ *PaperMoon* - Eruda Eyes: Vivids/Lights Green
Lips + bottom lips piercings @ ~*SongBird*~ - Lacquer Lips Red [Body Art Hunt] *free
Nose ring @ The Horror! - Petite Lune: Lunar hoop Stud Aqua
Body Tattoo @ .antielle. - Catatonic 

Top @ Sn@tch - Tequila Tank Greasy 
Eyepatch @ The Nebulae! - Misero Eye Scrap Female Black
Back @ ~*SongBird*~ - Smoke Stacks Augment

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