Saturday 28 November 2015

Butterfly's Black Love

She was born to be guide for the Shinigamis when a living creature is close to their death. Appearing in the form a blood red butterfly fluttering around. Some people knows, and some ignores. Centuries passed as she performed her duty faithfully without emotions. However, when she paid a visit to the Sacred Oni land as she felt a soul needs to be reap, she found a dying Magnolia Oni. One who she heard a lot during her visit on Earth. 

He laid there, reminiscing his memories as more black butterflies surrounding his vessel, ready to guide the Shinigami to take his soul. However, her heart pained when she thought of such scenario, she knew she have fallen in love with the Magnolia Oni. Not wanting for him to die, she kill all the black butterflies, giving him her scythe, a second chance in his life to fulfill his wish. 

A heavy price may fall on her, but she didn't care.

I was suppose to post this before my internship, however something happened that made me postponed this. I apologies so much for the delay. All of shown items are available in their respective stores if you guys love to have it. The belt on the skirt is actually eye patch from The Nebulae! that I edited myself to be a belt, it was tough and took many tries to make it look perfect. Anyways this a beautiful collaborative piece with DevinVaugh and me. You can head to his blog to see more of his styling and deco credits. Enjoy the post! See you dollz~

Body Pixels
Skin @ Glam Affair - Sia Ghost Polar
Hair @ [e]liratika - Yumiko
Eyes @ {S0NG} - Sugar Vampire
Lips @ The Nebulae! - Mouth Ooze 
Body tattoo @ Clemmm - Unkin Body Smear *group gift

Faceband @ Cubic Cherry - CHO Faceband Crimson
Piercings @ Haus of Darcy - Otherside Slide
Necklace @ Cubic Cherry - Sekai Collar
Top @ The Nebulae! - Tattered Tube - Insectivorous 
Skirts @ Riske - Countess Skirt
Belt @ the Nebulae! - Bat Patch Black Leather (edited into belt)
Bracelet @ Cubic Cherry - Sekai Bracelet
Staff - Cubic Cherry - Sekai Staff Onyx hold RARE
Wings @ Souzou.Eien - Wicked Fae Wings red
Halo @ Cubic Cherry - Sekai Halo C

DevinVaugh the Magnolia Oni

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