Sunday 21 February 2016


Blood kink - when you are sexually attracted to blood being drawn from a body in numerous ways

How can one be so obsessed with a certain red substance? Maybe I'm a vampire secretly, or a demon? Either way, I just love to see how the blood ooze from the many cuts I inflict on the men who approach me. They never last long though. They could not satisfy my thirst for that pleasure. Oh well, I guess I just need to hunt some myself.

Oh god, my story mode isn't helping me at this moment xD But anyways, I'm putting some time now just to show some stuff currently available. This super cute maid dress is from ALTAIR* that is available now at the all new Hentai Fair 2016! I know y'all likes that so head out there before March 3rd~ Do check the credits below for more. Until next time dollz <3

Body Pixels
Skin @ CURELESS [+] - Morphine
Hair+Viel @ +Spellbound+ - Asylum *group gift
Eyes @ {S0NG} - Sugar Lavender Eye
Eyeliner @ The Horror! - Bathory 7
Brow @ .aii. - Tintable White Fantasy Brow
Nosebleed @ Clemmm - Nosebleed *group gift
Lips @ ~SongBird~ - Lacquer Lips Red
Lip scar @ antielle - Kuchisake Onna
Brow piercing @ [ni.ju] - Amped piercing
Tongue @ [CerberusXing] - Blood Tongue *group gift
Chest Tattoo @ Corvus - Twenty Eight Tattoo
Blood on hands @ Clemmm - Bloody Hands Messy

Neck @ ALTAIR* - Kitty Collar impure black
Dress @ ALTAIR* - Maid Dress [available in Hentai Fair]
Shoe+Socks @ JustDesign - Polly Vintage Red *past hunt gift

Chainsaw @ [SWaGGa] - Zombie Chewer v3
Corpses @ ContraptioN - Wrapped Corpse Set *group gift

Clemmm - part of 30 poses for *group gift

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