Wednesday 4 January 2017

Winter Winter

"Even the strongest blizzard starts with a single snowflake"
- Sara Raach, Snow Like Ashes

Welcome to the new year of 2017 dollz! It's still all wintery and cold in the northern hemisphere so I hope most of you dollz bundle up all warm and snuggly with your furbabies. I have finally returned home from my hometown and omg I really need to showcase all these stuff from the event I'm covering for! It might be quick without much stories and I hope you dollz will bear with me while I try my best to make pretty pictures :3

Highlight of the outfit is beautiful Gothic Peacock kimono that has a corset as the obi. The color palette is really diverse for a lot of mix-match. The fan I'm holding is RARE prize from :::c*C*c::: gacha available in Japonica event. The hair I'm wearing is from TUKINOWAGUMA for the event as well. The Edo period snowman next to my avatar is from booN, there is also a modern version of snowman available. The rest of credits below and see you in the next post!

Body Pixels
Hair @ TUKINOWAGUMA - Ayane [Japonica, ends 9th Jan] *new
Skin @ Essences - Hope/pale01
Makeup @ antielle. - Beijing Opera/White tiara/Full

Outfit @ *:..Silvery K..:* - Gothic Peacock/KimonoMesh [Japonica, ends 9th Jan] *new
Footwear @ *NAMINEKO* - Thorn Geta [Japonica, ends 9th Jan] *new

Snowman @ booN - Japanese EDO snowman [Japonica, ends 9th Jan] *new

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