Monday 25 September 2017

Red Wolf

Casted away from birth for her fair complexion and golden hair. Left in the far room of her parents, never to meet other souls than her family. Her only salvation is a hidden garden in the woods where she can only go once the town is asleep. She loved to play with the wolf cubs there and actually feel happy and safe. 

Years passed and she grew up quietly in the cold room, making her own food and clothes. Then one day, her parents actually open the door and ushered her out. The mother bathe her almost too delicately and the father prepare her clothes. An elaborate dress with hood in the color of blood, almost silky to touch. She hesitantly put it on, along with the shoes that somehow fits her feet perfectly and white gloves that covers her rough fingers. Every time she tried to ask, they would shush her or pretended that they didn't hear her. Once they deemed she was ready, they pulled to the front of the house, almost roughly as she weakly resisted. 

There was a huge crowd in front of house, only adults, all looking expectant and not sneering at her for once. Someone gave her a weird-looking mask, instructing her to wear it. The front of the mask is long and bulky, but bare like a cage. After she finished put it on and pulled up the hood, another gave a basket filled with white roses. 

"You are to go to the house of Elder in the forest,"

That's all and off she was pushed down the path into the dark forest as the dusk starts to settle. The path was winding and she only know that she needs to find the only river flowing in the forest to find the Elder's house. It was easy for her since she always sneak into the forest at the back of her house and she knew where the river is. Just as the stars appears on the inky sky, she arrives at the Elder's House. Hesitantly, she knock on the hard wood door and almost immediately it was open to reveal a hideous old woman with overgrown body, smiling wickedly down to her. 

The old woman roughly grabbed her into the rickety house and into a large cage in a corner. There were another two large wolves in the cage, appeared to be injured. The old woman proceeded to continue cooking at the stove, a large pot boiling over a great fire, as she cackling with glee on how she was the sacrifice by the town. So that the town would be left unharmed, and continue to flourish them with good harvest. On how the soup would be perfect now that she now here as the final ingredient for the great meal. 

Shaking in fear, she huddled back among the two large wolves which she recognized since she played with both since she was little. A few days passed as the old woman comes and goes around the house, stirring the boiling soup, mumbling for the perfect time to add the last ingredient. For the past few days, she nursed the wolves' injury and waits for her death.

When the time comes, the old woman was cackling mad, ripping open the cage door and peering into the cage. Just when the old woman about to grab her, the wolves pounced onto the old woman, teeth and claws slashing into the body. With a war cry, the old woman pushed the wolves away and tried to grabbed her once more. Dragging her to the boiling pot, she then tried to push the old woman into the pot. The two wolves noticed her action and once more pounced on the old woman. The Elder howled as the hot soup melted her body and she then ran away with the two wolves into the deep deep woods. Never to be heard from again.

Hello dollz! I do hope you dollz enjoyed that huge read, I kinda gave up in the end though. Another month almost end and we're getting closer to Halloween! Such a time to be alive!!

Highlight of the picture is all the goodies by CURELESS[+] for Lootbox event, I am wearing the RAREs from the gacha. The wolf muzzle I'm wearing is from Naberius, a brand collaboration between the creators of [CerberusXing] and [ContraptioN], it comes with leash holder as well for the *winkwink* times hehe. The set comes in a handful of other colors to you dollz liking as well The rest of the credits below and I'll see you dollz in the next post!

Body Pixels
Hair @ .Entwined. - Piper
Head @ CATWA - Catya Head v3.0
Skin @ Glam Affair - Milu Bad Girl
Eyeliner @ [CerberusXing] - Bakemono Make-up set
Body Tattoo @ CURELESS[+] - Little Red Wolf / Wolf Within / APPLIERS HUD [Lootbox, ends 20th Oct] *new

Overhead @ CURELESS[+] - Little Red Wolf / Tattered Hood / EXTRA [Lootbox, ends 20th Oct] *new
Mouth @ //Naberius// - Masamang Aso Muzzle / Black
Dress @ CURELESS[+] - Little Red Wolf / Favorite Dress / RARE [Lootbox, ends 20th Oct] *new
Hand @ CURELESS[+] - Little Red Wolf / Leather Gloves / WHITE [Lootbox, ends 20th Oct] *new
Feet @ CURELESS[+] - Little Red Wolf / Mary Janes / RED [Lootbox, ends 20th Oct] *new

Left @ CURELESS[+] - Little Red Wolf / Direwolf Growling / WHITE [Lootbox, ends 20th Oct] *new
Right @ CURELESS[+] - Little Red Wolf / Direwolf Descending / BROWN [Lootbox, ends 20th Oct] *new
Basket @ CURELESS[+] - Little Red Wolf / Harvest Basket / BEIGE [Lootbox, ends 20th Oct] *new

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