Friday 7 August 2020

MainFrame - The First Death

Attention all personnel: 

An android was found decommissioned just outside of Alternate Visions nightclub in Universe B-389.
She was functioning normally for approximately 9 repeated cycles before dropping with major malfunction in system override as well as outer silicone skin damages from overheated circuits.

There was no suspicious activities within the system in the last diagnosis report half cycle ago in Universe B-389.

Current cause have not been discovered as of announcement other than a possible new unknown virus infiltrated the MainFrame. 

Whether or not this will be infected to other Universe of all MainFrame shall also be observed at the moment. 

Universe B-389 will on standstill until further notice by MainFrame.

All involved personnel shall be redistributed to other Universe in accordance to hosts' request.

Message end.

I'm back! I hope I didn't take too long, relearning how to edit pictures again is really exhausting. So much tutorials to watch again and looking for the same brush as I used before I not easy as it seems. Anyways, the picture above has a final touch by my good friend, DevinVaugh for the cool glitch overlay and extra details. I hope you dollz like it too!

Highlights of the picture are, a full outfit CyJacket set by *Arts&Gear* that comes in several colour combo HUD pack that you dollz can mix and match to your liking. Scattered near the head is the cute Cyborg Kitty Ear headphone set by RAWR! that I chose in the colour black. It's a separate and hovering type of headphone that is easily adjusted to each avatar. On the skin is the pretty Assimilate tattoo by Nefekalum. It comes with system layer and a bunch of applier to suit the mesh body on your choice, as the applier includes the material shine that I have yet to learn to show at the moment. Leg wear of choice is the Nightfire Boots by ::Static:: in which you dollz can customize the glow stripe colour and level of glow as well! Rest of the credits are down below and I will see you cybernetic dollz in the next post soon~ 

Body Pixels
Hair @ bonbon - vina hair | unrig *group gift
Skin @ CURELESS[+] - Haemoglobine Skin | MAIRETA | Porcelain *updated
Eyes @ ~*By Snow*~ - Citadel Eyes | Carbon Cyan
Eyeliner @ +Jigokucho+ - Glitter Batliner NeonPurple
Lips @ Clemmm - Tired Glitter Lips | Pink
Veins @ Clemmm - Waltz's veins
Face + Body Tattoo @ Nefekalum - Assimilate  [MainFrame, ends August 13th] *new
Chest Tattoo @ Clemmm - Unkin Body Smear

Head @ RAWR! - Cyborg Kitty Ear Black  [MainFrame, ends August 13th] *new
Nose @ *Rainbow Sundae* - Neon Septum  [MainFrame, ends August 13th] *new
Neck @ Astara - Chip-n-Mix Power Chip  [MainFrame, ends August 13th] *new
Outfit @ *Arts&Gear* - CyJacket Set  [MainFrame, ends August 13th] *new
Leg @ ::Static:: - Nightfire Boots | Maitreya  [MainFrame, ends August 13th] *new

Pose n Props
Pose @ . Infinity . - Bodies | 5 statis poses + bonus
Prop @ VARONIS @ Hall Background

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