Saturday 12 September 2020

Space Story

The old tales of Earth-01 greatly fascinates Chione as she drifts in the outskirts voids of Milky Way Galaxy. As she is alone in her observation hub with her 7 companion bots that she named after the 7 dwarfs in the old Snow White story. 
Sometimes, Chione wishes to live in time when humans used to populate the old Earth. 
Sometimes Chione wishes to see the world when Snow White existed. 
As the void slowly drifts the hub around Milky Way, Chione also wishes a Prince to accompany her.

Did I took too long with this post? Yes, definitely. September came flooded increase of my side work and I barely had time to rest as well, And I have to take a somewhat extended time to fully rest my body as well. I hope I did the story well for you dollz. I really wanted to combine bits of my love for space and old folk stories. There are lots folk stories that I wish to recreate in Second Life, I have to see which I can do one at a time.

Featured in the picture above are the huge space themed Moon Glow Skybox by *NeverWish*, the one you see is in teal colored and also available in pink accents as well. I also have acquired the updated 2020 version of the Gear Chair that emits light within the chair. So fancy! The footwear is {Aiko} geta and high sock set by Cubic Cherry. I'm showing the set in delicious white latex style, the footwear has material enable that catches light in interesting texture. Comes in 6 other latex colour and also fabric pack. The geta are also available in lots of colour option to mix and match with your outfit. Rest of the credits down below and I'll see you dollz in the next post~

Body Pixels
Hair @ Wasabi Pills - Ginny Windblown Mesh Hair
Skin @ My Ugly Borothy - Special 1L Skin7
Lips @ La Malvada Mujer - Lady Ketamine Lips set
Body Tattoo @ NOAM - cataclysm tattoo | body edition | fresh tint


Head @ Haro - Wasp Antennae *past gift
Face @ SEKA - Cyberlita Screen
Neck @ {Inner Demon} - Gamma Collar Light5
Outfit @ CURELESS[+] - Cassiel Dress | HOLO | Maitreya [mainstore]
Arm @ *NeverWish* - Cyber Arm 001 [mainstore]
Legs @ [Cubic Cherry} - {Aiko} - geta WHITE v.2 + tabi high socks | LATEX pack [mainstore]

Pose n Props
Pose @ {NanTra} - Defying Gravity 2 mirror
Skybox @ *NeverWish* - Moon Glow Skybox - Teal w/ Light [mainstore]
Bots @ HILTED - Little Beep Boop | Drone Pet + Baby Droid Gacha | Baby Drone | Panda Bot | Speedy Pinky | Yip Yip | Bork Bork

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