Saturday 30 January 2021

Midnight Order - Secret Admirer

Brair definitely does not want this. She is very much content to spend her whole life in the cozy library in her family's mansion. However, her age has slowly catching up and now as much as her family support the decision as they also cherish the youngest daughter of the famed Queen's Knight family. If she doesn't get a suitor by the end of the Season, she would be gossiped among the elites as an old maid and Brair doesn't have the hearts to tarnish the family's name in such way.

She wanted the masquerade themed gathering as she doesn't want to be the center of attention. She had enough of other patrons trying selfishly win her favor by white lies or outlandish remarks. Hopefully she do find a person that would allow her to continue with her extended reading hour.

As she nervously walked towards the grand door while fiddling with the ruffles of her dress, following the latest dark fabric fashion of the Season, she noticed a tall man with long white cape and a curious white hair in the hallway. Brair thought all of the patrons should be in the ballroom now, mingling around. 

 "Hello Brair, it is certainly nice to finally meet you,"

Brair has never seen the man before, she is sure. But he seem familiar. 

He moved closer to her while holding something in his hand. Slowly, he thrust it towards her.

"I came back to give you this glass heart representing my own. I wish to court for your hand, Miss Brair."

I don't know why this took a bit too long but I hoped I did the picture justice with this story. 

On her, Brair

Body pixels

Head @ LeLUTKA - Lilly
Skin @ Glam Affair - Klarissa | Europa FLF B
Hair @ Raven Bell - Celeste Bangless + Back Strands [Midnight Order, ends February 20th] *new


Face @ Moon Amore - Lucrezia Masquerade | Wearable | Black
Outfit @ Toksik - Descent Dress | Lara [Midnight Order, ends February 20th] *new

Prop & Pose

Hallway @ ANTINATURAL[+] - Lost Saints | Unholy Hall | RARE
Sides @ [ContraptioN] - Decor: Neudam Deco Fountain | gold [Midnight Order, ends February 20th] *new

Pose @ *{( konpeitou )}* - Pose collection 3 | just at the back of her? + Black Dragon Poser edit

On him, Cornelius

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