Sunday 11 April 2021

Engine Room - Perp Patrol

Case files kept being piled up on the desk

Complaints after complaints submitted to the front desk to the point of almost flooding every time the perpetrator pranks another person in town

First it was some minor pranks like lamp post or fence bent to curious state, laundry went missing and things that only children would do

But then, the big clock was painted red, women shrieking of being peeped at during dressing down for the night, small explosions ignited due to fine flours around the fires of the lam post

Caitlyn is sure the perpetrator will move onto bigger cases if not caught sooner of later

And she rather headshot that person sooner rather than later.

 Engine Room Event

It really took me to kidnap Devin to complete this vision of mine

On her, Sheriff Caitlyn

Body pixels

Skin @ Glam Affair - Alice Skin | November Chic | Polar G
Head @ LeLUTKA - Lilly 2.5
Hair @ Moon Hair - Sordid Affair | Lola T
Eyeshadow @ -Emotional Circus- - Bella Muerte Eyeshadow | Desert color + Helena Eyeliner
Lips @ -Emotional Circus- - Bella Muerte Lipstick - Lelutka
Eyes @ Lilithium - Eyes Vol II - Bom/Lel/Genus [Engine Room, ends April 20th] *new


Head @ Insomnia Angel - Steampunk Top Hat
Outfit @ Insomnia Angel - Romantica Blouse + Corset Skirt + Neck Accessory [Engine Room, ends April 20th] *new
Chest @ 
Hand @ Violent Seduction - Midi Latex Glove *group gift
Legs @ Eudora3D - Lyra Boots | Brown4 | Maitreya

Prop & Pose

Pose @ Clemmm - 30 Pose group gift | Clem 20 + Animare HUD edit
In Hand @ [REQUISITION] - The Minuteman's Musket [Engine Room, ends April 20th] *new
Scene @ VARONIS - Dayport Backdrop Scene [Engine Room, ends April 20th] *new

On him, Marquess of Waterford

See more on his post, Bishie Style SL

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