Wednesday 20 October 2021

Engine Room - Rumours in the After Hours


Being the owner of Steam Beans, peculiar customers would flock from all crook and crannies of the city. She would of course provide them with much needed dark liquid boost of the day or much requested dark liqueur that promises the sweet numbness to forget the day.

She hears it all from the loose mouths of the boozed patrons, from the piping's of the city, from the whisper over the steam beans. 

There's not much that would surprise her.

That is until the newsboy came in bursting through the door, sweating profusely between some nasty gashes on his face, panting and jittering like he had seen the Devil himself. 

Fearing the worst, she helped him sit over the counter and took out the exclusive bottles of Coffee Liqueur to help him calm down and listen to his story.

Engine Room Event

Already missing to create more Steampunk styles. Also this scene practically made itself while me and Devin bantering in-world. Kudos to our chaotic twin brain cells lmao

By left, Steam Beans Owner

Body Pixels

Hair @ Raven Bell - Celeste | Bangless + Bonus Lil' Wispies
Head @ LeLUTKA - Lilly EvoX 3.1
Skin @ VCO - Jenny | Pure


On Hair @ Wicca's Originals - Wickham Hat | Engine Room Gift [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new
Ear @ *Arts & Gears* - Steam Earrings [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new
Outfit @ Insomnia Angel - Francesca Dress | Blouse + Skirt | Maitreya Petite [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new
Legs @ Eudora3D - Ylva Boots | Maitreya [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new
Hands @ [ContraptioN] - Dapper Dandy's Gloves | SOOT | B

By right, Newsboy

For the continuation of the story and the Newsboy's outfits along with the settings credit, head to Devin Vaugh's blog here.

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