Thursday 17 March 2022

Eternal Embrace


Sometimes, it feels
Like this is never-ending
Sometimes, you feel
Like you'll always wake up
And nothing will change

Fall in routine
Accept who you are
Forget to sat goodbyes
Like we'll sat it again
Like nothing will change
Nothing will change

(Nothing will change)
Sometimes it feels
Like this is never-ending
But we all fade away

Arknights EP - Feels
(Low Roar - Fade Away)

Even small changes matters

Body pixels

Head @ LeLUTKA - Lilly 3.1
Hair @ Tram - G0819 
Skin @ CURELESS[+] - Morphine | Natural | Freckles [mainstore]
Lips @ Emotional Circus x Tsukuyomi - Angel Set Lips [mainstore]
Nails @ .Quirky. - Holo Gremlin Claws | Lara
Fingers @ [Cubic Cherry] - {Soft Touch} Blush 02 | BOM [mainstore]
Back Tattoo @ [Cubic Cherry] - {Tentacular Love} Carvings | BOM [mainstore]


Body @ [Cubic Cherry] - {Kraken Hug} [mainstore]

Prop & Pose

Companions @ [Cubic Cherry] - {Jelly} Decor Set Pack [The Guild] *new

Pose @ Insomnia Angel - Colors 6

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