Thursday 18 May 2023

Celestial Jade


The game of Celestial Jade is supposed to have been around since the days of the Primeval Imperium, but was lost during the Xianzhou Alliance's period of long interstellar drift. Thanks to an anonymous diviner at the Divination Commission, the rules have been collated and brought back to modern-day Xianzhou, where the people are fortunate enough to have access to this mind-boggling tile game based on astrophysics and celestial phenomena.

Of course, rules alone are not enough. That's why the diviner used blueprints from her repository as bait to lure in close colleagues from the Artisanship Commission into crafting Celestial Jade tiles plus a board to play on. The auto-shuffling function is integrated into these boards, and quickly began to catch on in the Quatraboard Games Parlor (which is owned by the Artisanship colleague).

Nowadays, Celestial Jade is one of the most popular games aboard the Xianzhou Luofu. The diviner would joke about this in letters sometimes with her artisan friend. She'd originally wanted to use this game for nothing more than her own leisure, not to capture the hearts of millions of Xianzhou people. Now that's a completely unintended outcome.

"Well, it's not a bad thing..."

"After all... If I can use this leisurely brain game to slack off out in the open, then why not go for it?"

QingQue - Honkai: Star Rail

Yes this is a direct inspiration of the character QingQue from the new game Honkai: Star Rail. It's a turn based game set in a futuristic space travel. If you dollz adore any of that, try out the game and tell me if you like it! I might make more character inspo since I'm head deep in this game right now.

Insomnia Angel has updated the Pansy Gothic Dress to fit Legacy body and you dollz can hit up the redelivery for update or if you were considering the dress before the body update, definitely demo it and try! 

Body pixels

Head @ CATWA - Catya
Body @ Legacy - F
Hair @ BonBon - Eleni Hair
Skin @ more more - maehwa | milk
Eyes @ {S0NG} - Sugar | Lime Eyes


Dress @ Insomnia Angel - Pansy Gothic Dress | Legacy [mainstore]*new
Legs @ Emotional Circus - Way Stockings | Green [mainstore]

Prop & Pose

Mahjong Tiles @

Dragon @ Eliavah - Draconic Empress | Companion 

Pose @ Insomnia Angel - Claire 5 [mainstore]

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