Monday 16 October 2023

Hallows Bat Galore


In the cloak of night, they take to the skies,
Bats, the jesters of darkness, a comical surprise.
Their bony wings flap, with a cackling glee,
A skeleton's waltz, a funny sight to see.

With beady eyes gleaming, they hunt in the night,
Invisible laughter, a spooky delight.
Their fangs are like daggers, their humor macabre,
As they swoop through the dark, a comical mob.

In moonlight's embrace, they dance in the air,
Silhouettes of skeletons, a ghastly affair.
But don't fear these jesters, they mean you no harm,
Just funny, odd creatures, with a dark, charming charm.

Let us enjoy the spookiness together, dollz~

Body pixels

Head @ Lelutka - Lilly 3.1
Hair @ Wasabi - Battie FLF Edition Hair
Skin @ Glam Affair - Moonie | Milk | Lelutka EvoX 
Ears Tattoo @ THIS IS WRONG - Painted ears BLACK
Eyes @ Emotional Circus - Interlinked Eyes | Red 02 [mainstore]
Graphic Eyeliner @ CURELESS x Emotional Circus - Hallow'Queen | Trick or Blood Eyeliner [mainstore]
Blush @ CURELESS x Emotional Circus - Hallow'Queen |
 Bat Blush Style 01 Pink [mainstore]
Lips @ CURELESS x Emotional Circus - Hallow'Queen | Trick or Blood Lipstick | Vamp colors [mainstore]
Fingers @ Insomnia Angel - Metallic Finger Tattoo | Noir [mainstore]
Body Tattoo @ CURELESS[+] - Psychopomp Body | Black Clear | Fresh [mainstore]


Head @ CURELESS x Emotional Circus - Hallow'Queen | CURELESS X E.CIRCUS - Bat Wings Tiara - RED [mainstore] + [Aux] - All About Spikes | Black | Copper
Neck @ Remarkable Oblivion - Helvetica | Collar
Dress @ *NeverWish* - Spooky Dress | Fatpack [mainstore] *new
Arms @ ::Static:: - Belted Gloves | eReborn
Legs belts @ Insomnia Angels - Lize Strap Leg Garter | eBody [mainstore]
Left leg garter @ *NeverWish* - Glow Stick Garters | Fatpack | Maze 

Prop & Pose

Right hand @ torment - ba-bat
Left hand @ Schadenfreude - (lav) Treat Bucket 2020

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