Wednesday 8 May 2013

Hanami - Cherry Blossom in Bloom

After months of being in battlefield, I decided to return home for the spring. How I have missed the air of cherry blossom and the sounds of the streams rather than the stench of blood.
Fortunately, even my journey has taken longer than usual, I have arrive just in time for the cherry blossom in full bloom. I changed to my best kimono and enjoyed the beautiful hinami scenery.

Of course, I couldn't shake my habit to put my katana down. "Dangers are everywhere, never let your guard down," as my master used to say.

At the thought of my old master, I sadden with a prayer that she is well in the afterlife. During the moment, I almost regretted for having my guard down. I quickly took down my attacker and stole his wakizashi (short katana).

I knew that even in my hometown is never safe. I decided to return to the battlefield quickly for I know that's where my destiny lies.

Kimono, geta, bracelet, headpiece, katana @ Bubble Design Kiko (Lucky Board)
Hair @ D!va Chiharu Onyx
Skin @ Tuty's Nadia Pale tone (Rouge)
Sim @ Bubble Design

Couldn't help but to post this picture too when I undress her for the next outfit. She looks so badass like she's ready to mount off to the battlefield!!!     о(ж>▽<)

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