Friday 24 May 2013

Goth Fair : In between Port Seraphine's Cross

Hello everyone~
Goodness.... How long has it been since my last post? I've been busy in rl with my upcoming semester exam and so I'm just cooped up in finishing reports and assignments. Ugh why do they all have the same deadline? (@ ̄Д ̄@;)
Anyways, today I can properly show you the beautiful, beautiful Port Seraphine sim. I was taking pictures while enjoying the music so much! All the shops are up and full of gothly items!

"The Port Seraphine's Cross,"

"The sleeping guardians,"

"The purple tunnel,"

Port Seraphine's theme is the crucifix, the whole layout of the shops, crucifix on the stores and stuff. It really shows out nicely.

"I just love the statue with skull,"
"Ruins of the end,"

I noticed that gatchas were placed at the ruins at the end of the sim. That's where I got my choker that you will see down later! (-)
"Hanging out at the graves and the statue, which skull do you like?"
And of course, the visitors of Goth fair! Down here is an avatar dressed like Liara from Mass Effect game as she told me. I think its really cool!

Time to show you my styling!

Hair @ Truth Noemi -  Blacks & White
Dress @ Hotaru Yuffie Gothic (pretty much available in every freebie dungeons)
Skin @ ~PixyStix~ ::Gabriella:: Sugar Skull (MM board)
Choker @ *~by natch* Garter collar 2 Oxidized silver (gatcha)
Boots @ Sn@tch FrankenBoots (outlet store)
Make up @ Sn@tch Underworld Makeup (I'm wearing Bruise)
Piercing @ [ni.ju] Amped, Simple Piercings
Skull @ Heavy Gothic Robe with Skull (missing store)
Earring @ HoR Snowflake Obsidian (Goth Fair gift)
Nails @ Inspired Design Nightstalker (Goth Fair gift)

I must tell about the new Sn@tch makeup that I'm wearing! The underworld makeup was released for the Goth Fair as well as Woeful Wednesday for just 50$L. 

Last but not least, the last picture of the blog. Which is my favourite

I hope you guys enjoyed my post this time. This will be my last post of the week since I'll straight up busy studying for my exams next week... (@_@)
 And surprisingly, my Rez Day is also next week too..... Expect a special post from me on that day! Until next time! (●´ω●)

More info about the foundation:
World Goth Day :
World Goth Fair: Second Life Event -

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