Saturday 15 June 2013

Communications Meme

I just hate when my laptop just decide to be slow when I'm super rushing with everything. It's so frustrating. Couldn't help with the raining season beating down over here that makes the internet incredibly laggy. I'm at the mercy of the Mother Nature! So, I'll just settle with a simple thing for today's post.

Meme instructions: Copy and paste the following questions and answers into your post, delete my answers and input your own. All of your answers should reflect your activity within Second Life. Remember to leave your link in this meme’s comments so others can come by and read your answers as well!

1. Who did you speak to last inworld today? Treacle Darlandes

2. Who has taught you most about SL? Lets see, at first it was WildJanice about vampire community and stuff. Then, it was a bunch of other people at The Shelter who helped me a lot when I started out.

3. Who do you turn to for help? Mr and Mrs Raeyd. Hahaha!!!

4. Who is the most entertaining person on your friend list? Hm..... Hana Raeyd and lu.....

5. Do you speak to your SL friends outside of SL? Yes, in FB and other media social networks.

6. Are you part of a community or family inworld? Big yes, I joined SL at first out of curiosity and excited of being a vampire. I'm a part of a big vampire family community even though I don't participate much in the chats, the members are always ready when I needed their help. It warms me how people connects with each other in this big community.

7. Are you usually around a lot of people or do you spend most of your time alone inworld? Usually I would hang out with my family and chat with them. But when I wanted to make a blog post, I tend to be alone at my studio or sims, snapping pictures and stuff. But of course I would always try to see if I could include them in pictures.

Well, this meme kinda concludes my whole life in SL. Haha! I'm pretty sure most you guys are bored with my posts already. So, who ever are reading this, I just wanted to say thank you for even visiting my blog and all. Anyways, until next time people~ ^_^

Skin @ Flounce
Hair @ *a free hair gift from SLM*
Corset @ Gifts Home Ladies Corset Danny Black two - unavailabe
Collar, handwarmer @ JStyle Gray Domination outfit 
Tatoo @ ElvenElder  G.G.N tatoo 
Make up @ Sn@cth Underworld makeup - Black Lips

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