Tuesday 4 June 2013

The Drax Files: World Makers Episode 7

The 7th episode of The Drax Files by Draxtor is finally here! This time featuring an indeed very special quest, the CEO of Linden Lab himself, Rod Humble or better known in Second Life, Rodvick Linden

As the creator of Second Life, Rod never thought that this virtual world have expanded so much after a decade. Driven from a gaming community, Rod wanted to create a world everybody could just be anybody. With 1 million people being active every month and around 400,000 avatars registered monthly, Rod noted that no other gaming platform have this kind of development.

Second Life is a canvas of creativity, you built your own sim and make your world. Live it and let others also immerse into your world and be amazed. People are naturally drawn to something that you can relate to than following a fixed path like most of other gaming platform usually have.

Rod Humble express how he is quite uncomfortable with some media social platform which have lack privacy control. He also express how each person having different kind of personality at certain occasion is extremely powering like how one person is a builder, model, a role-player and keeping it low-profile and knows how to behave in different kind of situation or places. In the video you can see a special set-up that spell out, "My Avatar is Me" simply wrapped up what Second Life meanings.

With 176 employees in Linden Lab, they have been working tirelessly on improving Second Life to a new revolution. Some improvements might be available in the quarter or so. But there a few things that we look forward in the short run like the new release of Material Beta Viewer that includes a new option which is an advance lighting model that made materials look more realistic.

Not to forget the Project SunShine which enables faster texture rezzing, and also the Oculus Rift platform that literally allows you to actually experience the virtual world like never before. Linden Lab are currently working hard to improve Second Life and make the community happy!

Rod also noted that he has a special connected to the community where even though they usually view themselves negative and such, he is really pleased with the overall positive feedback despite for only receiving one death-threats comparing to his usual-three-death threats-in-a-day in another gaming community. "For me it's a step-up," as he said it in the video.

"I'm sure why it's magic, but it is," - Rod Humble

Mind if I say I love that quote? Second Life has been a part of me even though I'm only a year old in-world. I have not explored enough of it, but it's undescribable to say how amazing this virtual world is from the other gaming platform that I play previously. With the upcoming SL10Birthday event coming, we all know it will be a biggest event of the decade and I'm just honored to be a part of it! Thinking of all the 22 sims that I want to cover in a very short time, I might faint!

Hope you enjoy this post, please await for the next one tomorrow~~

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