Tuesday 7 January 2014

Gothmas' Goodbye

Hello people! Welcome to 2014! I hardly feel the time flies really. This year we will start will everything new! Refresh your resolution! Re-decorate your houses! Everything! Of course this year I will start with a new semester and I really need to step up in my studies to even absorb the infos and all. I really hope all my readerz had some wonderful time during the holidays as well.

I've been meaning to blog about Gothmas by Gaslight since a long ago but my network was really weak during my break and I couldn't get a decent picture without crashing at least 5 times beforehand. So I went to the event at the last few moments and took a few photos just before it was closed down. Pardon for the late post since I was busy getting back to college and all. Yeah... anyways enjoy!

Happy Horrific New Year everyone!

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