Sunday 19 January 2014

Parted Wish

Hello again dollz, if some of you are my friend from Plurk, then you might knew what happened last week. My close aunt died and my mom picked me up later at night to rush back to hometown. It was the second death in my experience and it kinda sets me in a thick emotional blanket that I haven't felt like for a while. At least this time, I recovered a tad bit faster than before and now I'm presenting a dedicational post for my lovely aunt who has gone forever.

She was lovely woman and I really regret not fulfilling my promise to visit last month, something came up during the last minute and we had to cancel it, sadly. She has been suffering from diabetics for a long time now and nearly had her legs amputated. Now somehow I felt relieved that she is free from pain. I became more aware of things that I neglected and not giving my all. I will try to improve myself to fulfill promises to my mother and other living souls.

For now, let's just live to fullest.

Hair @ [LNS Design] - Solctice [NWS Hunt]
Skin @ Jalwa - Zahida Victorian [Past Gerne]
Choker @ ~by Natch~ - Garter Collar oxidized silver [past WGF gactcha]
Eyes @ {S0NG} - Murky~Aqua eyes [free instore]
Horn @ FINESMITH - Black Bride [group gift]
Hat @ Edge Grafica - part of mourning outfit
Dress @ Apple May Design - Lavish Mesh Gown
Gloves @ AE - Slink Opera Gloves
Lace jacket @ Lace Bolero
Cuffs @ AZE - Alwilda's Manacles

Location @ Smoky Cape

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