Wednesday 15 June 2016

Goodnight Ophelia

Like a white carnation falling,
From the surface of the water,
Ophelia drifted towards the shadow,
The nymph of river mourned,
For a beautiful soul so young,
Slipped from the bonds of the plane,
Greeting death with a smile,
Driven by madness,
And empty love

Hi dollz, so I never really read any of the Shakespeare literature, it was never taught during my school days, and I had to get the help of my bestie to explain it to me. He helped a lot and I really tried to create this totally amateur poem. I really you dollz like it.

Highlight of what I'm wearing, the lotus halo, collar and armlet are from the Kannon gacha by OXIDE for Gami Gacha, a new gacha event! Play the gacha for a chance to win a token which can be used to at the Wheel of Fortune for more unique prizes that is only available during the duration of the event! Be sure to get the HUD before you play though. From that Wheel of Fortune is the OXIDE's Lotus Pedestal that includes several poses and all the metal texture available from it's gacha. Also from the event, is one of the keys of Cureless+ Luxurious Doll gacha, I can be worn separately with your own face or mesh head of your choice. Other credits available below and I'll see you in the next post~

Body Pixels
Head + Skin @ CURELESS[+] - Luxurious Dollz /Dreamy Citrine/Mesh Head [Available at Gami Gacha] *new
Hair @ [LCKY] - Janet *past Midnight Madness
Chest blood and Piercing @ ~SongBird~ - Puncture [Body Art Hunt gift] *free

Dress @ *{JunBug}* - The Siren [Blush] RARE
Arm @ OXIDE - Kannon Armlet Female [Available at Gami Gacha] *new
Neck @ OXIDE - Kannon Collar Female [Available at Gami Gacha] *new
Back @ OXIDE - Kannon Halo SILVER [Available at Gami Gacha] *new
Feet @ OXIDE - Kannon Lotus Pedestal EXCLUSIVE  [Available at Gami Gacha] *new

Body Pixels
Skin @ Glam Affair - Sia II Asia
Hair @ [LCKY] - Galina *past Midnight Madness

Head @ OXIDE - Eostre Hairband
Neck @ OXIDE - Eostre Collar
Dress @ *{JunBug}* - Principessa in Night

Coffin @ {anc} - coffin. [Salome] RARE [Available at the Arcade] *new
Plants @ {anc} - forget.wing leaf [clear] [Available at the Arcade] *new

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