Sunday 26 June 2016

The Cry of Blood

Her gracefulness, her fluidity, her perfect composure is some of many who envy yet admire of. Her fame was brought to her by her mother who relentlessly begged a famous retired belladonna to teach her young daughter. Passing down the dream of a ballerina who the mother could not achieve during her young time. And so the young girl learn under the teaching of the retired belladonna. Years passed and the girl blossomed into an incredible ballerina, and soon was her first ballet competition. 

The judges and audience was entranced with her dance and she won with a perfect score. Competition after competition was conquered by each of her dance. Her mother beamed proudly. One competition was the final one of the year, she was going to finally perform the Black Swan dance. Her dreams were reflected in the mirror as she prepare herself while going through the routine in her head. Her mentor tapped her shoulder, and as she turned around to greet her mentor, blackness engulf her vision along with unimaginable pain. She crumpled to the floor, clutching the scissor in her eyes. 

"W...why..?" She asked

"Because it's the price you pay for the talent I teach you" 

I love ballet, along with the dark side of it. It's my favourite subject to torture with for my stories. Ok, ok move along with the highlights of my outfit. The face blood is Lament by The White Crow for We <3 RolePlay this month, it comes with separate parts of the blood as well. Hurry, though it's the end of the month!

Body Pixel
Hair @ mimpi* - group gift 01
Skin @ Glam Affair - Grazia skin In the Air Polar
Blood on face @ The White Crow - Lamet option II [available at We<3RP]
Blood on hand @ Clemmm - Bloody hand dripy
Piercings + blood on chest @ ~SongBird~ - Puncture *free

Dress @ Pixicat - Wonderland Dress nr2 Black
Arm @ Sweet Thing - Ballet Arm Wraps Noir
Leg @ Sweet Thing - Ballet Leg Wraps Noir
Feet @ EMPIRE - Xylosma
Scissors @ [CerberusXing] - Blinded *group gift

Award @ Commoner - Best Daughter Award
Camera @ Ryan Dayton - Fame Hud

Left @ {Imeka} - Ballet pose 5

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