Thursday 14 July 2016

Japonica Summer Festival 2016

The fireflies are dancing
Beating drums fall into rythm 
Beckoning all ages to dance
It's time for fun
It's time for sweets
The Summer Festival is here!

Japonica event has some pretty line of kimonos for both girls and guys. Here I am showing 4 kimonos from the event and I tried to create personalities for each girls. All the credits are below and I hope you dollz enjoy this post! <3

1st from left
Body Pixels
Skin @ Essences - Hope pale01
Hair @ [elikatira] - Kiki
Lips @ violetta. - ringo ame lips (burgendy) [available in Japonica] *new
Eyes @ Chus! - Jill lens in violet
Nails @ violetta. - asanoha suiro [available in Japonica] *new

Outfit @ EXiA - Yukata Dot M [available in Japonica*new
Shoe @ EXiA - Geta [available in Japonica*new
Pouch @ *agapee* - Kaho Kinchaku, gacha [available in Japonica*new

2nd from left
Body Pixels
Skin @ VCO - Jenny pure
Hair @ [taketomi] - MeiLing Bento *past group gift
Blush @ [ni.ju] - Hime-yu blush (tintable version)
Lips @ violetta. - ringo ame lips (red) [available in Japonica*new
Eyes @ Chus! - Jill lens in Ice

On head @ Kyoko Couture - No.68 Big Ribbon, gacha [available in Japonica*new
Outfit @ *:..Silvery K..:* - Kimono Summer Wind [available in Japonica*new
In hand @ *NAMINEKO - Mizu Uchiwa Higanbana#3, gacha [available in Japonica*new
Shoes @ AIR - Izumo_3G*sango(red), gold gacha [available in Japonica*new

3rd from left
Body Pixels
Skin @ .::Mother Goose::. - Edith 1L
Hair @ TUKINOWAGUMA - Rinko [available in Japonica*new

Outfit @ ***Ambrosia*** - YUKATA goldfish [available in Japonica*new
In left hand @ *agapee - Kaho Kinchaku RARE, gacha [available in Japonica*new
In right hand @ *NAMINEKO - Mizu Ichiwa Kinyo#2, gacha [available in Japonica*new
Shoes @ *:..Silvery K..:* Kimono (Summer Wind Shoes) [available in Japonica*new

4th from left
Body Pixels
Skin @ CURELESS+ - Endorphine/Sands/Freckles [avaible in We<3RP] *new
Bandages @ The White Crow - Booboos
Nails @ violetta. - mizutama ichimatsu [available in Japonica*new
Hair @ Moon - Pixie Harlow *group gift

Outfit @ Sakka's Studio - [Hime!] Yukata2016 [available in Japonica*new
Shoes @ *agapee - Kaho Geta, gacha [available in Japonica*new
In hand @ *katat0nik* - (melon) Toy Kanabo [available in Japonica*new
In mouth @ [CerberusXing] - Mitarachi Dango *group gift

1st @ *[Pipit]* - Spring Shopping 2
2nd @ *[Pipit]* - Spring Shopping 1
3rd @ *NAMINEKO - Mizu Uchiwa Kingyo#2, Hotaru pose
4th @ .mien. - {mora} 01

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