Thursday 28 July 2016

Mannequin's Child

In one particular high school, there used to be a Sewing Club but it was disband long ago. The club room however, was not being re-used again and all the tools such as dress forms, sewing kits etc are left there to collect dusts. No students are permitted to go as much as near the old club room. That wasn't easy since it was located on the way to the only library in the school. Many students report of scary distant sobbing of a lady and cluttering of items when the club room is always locked.

Ringo is school's librarian even since she was first year, being motherless and quite made her an easy target for bullies. Many times she stops in front of the Sewing Club and hears nothing from the room. One day after a particularly harsh bully, she cried her way on to the library. Slowly walking with her head down, she hears a click. Looking up, she saw the club room door is open. Cautiously she pushed it open, she saw many dress forms scattered about but one stood out. A tall armless mannequin covered with a veil. For a moment, she saw her mother in place of the mannequin, beckoning Ringo to her. 

Disappearance of many students baffled with police with their investigations not getting any leads. That is until the principle finally allow the police to search the abandoned Sewing Club room. The horror when they open the door made the investigators and principle taken aback. Ringo was there sewing body parts of the missing students to the tall mannequin, There are also patches of skin sewed together on the mannequin. Ringo turns her head to the new visitors, smiling and they admire her work. 

"Do you like it? I made Mother beautiful"

I just can't wait to do UbumexOrigami post since the event started. Be sure to look forward to more horror scary posts coming up! The Ubume game will be  based on school environment which where I took inspiring from for this post. The game is postponed to August 11th due to some difficulties but one of the staff of the game informed that with the due comes with even more level of scary and I just can't wait! This also means that the Origami event will end on a later date as well.

Highlight of my outfit is the Cursed gacha by The White Crow for the Origami event. I'm wearing the RARE Possessed Body tattoo with Common Possessed Face 4. There is 2 ULTRA RARE of Albino Kitsune body paint in Red and Blue to be won as well from the gacha, so good luck in winning them all dollz. See you in the next post~

Body Pixels
Skin @ CURELESS[+] - Endorphine/SAND/Bare
Hair @ A&Y - Electric Rain Hair Female multicolor
Eyes @ {Dead Apples} - Horror edition/Sinistre Madness
Face tattoo @ The White Crow - Possessed Face IV Common [Origami, ends Sept10th] *new
Body Tattoo @ The White crow - Possessed Body RARE [Origami, ends Sept10th] *new

Head @ CURELESS[+] - Doll Arms Antennae *past FLF
Outfit @ AMITOMO - Rainy Day's Morning/2/S *new
Leg@ [CerberusXing] - Ripped Stockings

Middle behind avatar @ Remarkable Oblivion - Spook Show Gail Veil [Epiphany, ends Aug 15th]*new
Leftmost, Rightmost and 2nd from left Remarkable Oblivion - Dress Form Mannequin *group gift

Clemmm @ Pose 2 of 30 pose pack *group gift

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