Tuesday 10 November 2020

Necrotize - Pandora

 You're playing with Pandora's Box.
Sometimes it's better not to open it.
Sometimes, it's better not to know.
- Tatiana de Rosnay

 Necrotize Event

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 Necrotize Catalouge

Teleport to Necrotize in SL

Sometimes the time pass by a bit too fast. And Necrotize is soon will ending it's first round by November 20th. The theme is horror with sci-fi elements, this reflect perfectly with the event build that was created by the amazing Walton of Contraption. Do visit the sim and enjoy the creepy vibes!

Some of he highlights of the picture are, the obvious Pandora's Box by Static as the center-piece. The box also have script that when touch, will distort local textures, it's a very cool effect and perhaps pranks on your friends. The prop behind the character is also made by Static named simply as Illusiory Portal available at the Necrotize event as well. The beautiful horn prominent in the picture is Seer Horns made by (( Lovely Alien )) that comes with matching jaw horn you see. Lot's more products you can find from the event down below as well as do check out the catalogue. See you dollz in the next post~

Body pixels

Head @ GENUS Project - Genus Head | Strong Face Gift001 | v1.7
Skin @ CURELESS[+] - Haemoglobine | MAITREYA | Porcelain
Hair @ ELIKATIRA - Ajaye
On head @ (( Lovely Alien )) - Seer Horns Main + Jaw + Glyph [Necrotize, ends November 20th] *new
Eyes @ A.D.D.Andel - Nagini | Red [Necrotize, ends November 20th] *new
Eyeshadow @ Suicide Unborn! - Necromancer | FXMakeup02 | Complete [Necrotize, ends November 20th] *new
Lips @ La Malvada Mujer - Atropo Lips | Applier
Body tattoo @ Rekt Royalty - Dissected Circuits Carving [Necrotize, ends November 20th] *new
Arm @ Skellybones - SCP_7269 [Necrotize, ends November 20th] *new


Neck @ [CerberusXing] - Kuze Collar | Red/Light 
Top + Bottom @ .{PSYCHO:Byts}. - Sil Lingerie [Necrotize, ends November 20th] *new
Legs @ Eudora3D - Vertigo Boots | Maitreya | Red [Necrotize, ends November 20th] *new

Prop & Pose

Behind @ ::Static:: - Illusiory Portal [Necrotize, ends November 20th] *new
In Hand @ ::Static:: - Pandora's Box [Necrotize, ends November 20th] *new
Pose @ *{{konpeitou}}* - pose collection 1 | letter + edits

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