Tuesday 20 October 2020

Engine Room - No Time to Die

We were regarded as the youngest cellist prodigies in our past life.
We were loved by many.
We were envied by many as well.
Until one day the envy consumed our fragile bodies and soul as an offering.
We were broken beyond repair.
By the greed of a human.

From tears of blood, we were revived, by savior with a dead heart.
For him, we survive.
For him, we found our love in music once more.
For him, we do not hesitate to fight until our last limb falls.

The enemies made a mistake for trying to tear the family apart.
To try deny us, our existence, our second ever after life.
To deny this life.
To cast us away to damnation.
And we will bring them with us all the way down.
Until our last limb falls.
For our savior, Mr Bleu.

Life took a toll and been busy so hard. Doing my best.

By left, Rose Kuro

Body Pixels

Hair @ bonbon - reiko hair L 
Skin @ [Pink Fuel] - Doll v2 | Vamp | Scars | whitebrow
Head @ GENUS Project - Genus Head | Strong Face GIFT v1.7


Outfit @ Insomnia Angel - Aisha Gothic dress | MaitPetite [mainstore]
Neck @ Insomnia Angel - Lolita detachable collar | MaitPetite [mainstore]
Head @ [MIL*MIL] - Gothical Hait | Calm-Colors 
Boots @ Eudora3D - Lyra Boots | Maitreya | Black1 [mainstore]

Pose n Props
Hand @ [AiiZawa] - Pneumatic Peacemaker 1.0 [mainstore]
Pose @ Animare + Black Dragon Poser edit

By right, Belladonna Kuro

Guest appearance @ DevinVaugh - BishieStyleSL blog

For a complete stylecard and his version of the story, visit the post in BishiStyleSL blog.

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