Friday 16 October 2020

Engine Room - Point of no Return

 The war between factions of the world's fuel will soon begin with the the first spill of Elders from the blasted vampire race.
The Vampire Hunter's Association has decided to pledge alliance with the local werewolf tribe of Sioux Nation.
Where they share the hatred for the same enemy.
Werewolves from the tribe will break open the castle walls for the special hunter team to infiltrate and embed the blessed silver infused grenades in vampires' bodies and blast them to ashes.
Their objective is to kill the Elders.
Jacqueline's mission is to find the whereabouts of the elusive Kaiser Kruel.
And kill him in her own hands.
The scroll she received by the Chief was curious, an original blueprint, that also includes secrets chambers in the castle.
Curious, how did the Chief could obtain such information?
The scroll was ancient.
As ancient as when Kaiser Kruel resides the castle many centuries ago.

 Engine Room Event

Engine Room Group Flickr

 Engine Room Catalouge

Teleport to Engine Room in SL

Engine Room will be shutting it's steam real soon, so if any of you dollz fancy the items I am displaying, do head down soon to grab it and enjoy the atmosphere of the event. The skybox was made by yours truly, Walton F. Wainwright, the creator of [ContraptioN] as well as one of the founders of the amazing event. The sim is just so pretty to hang out at.

Highlight of the picture is the gorgeous Regius Attire made by Eliavah. The design is especially well made with the theme of the event and fitted for Maiterya, Petite Mait as well as Flat Chest Mait. I know some dollz will love those body fitting options. The fatpack comes with 16 colour options for the jacket fabric, collar belt, panties, 7 colours for the jacket piping and metals. Next is the huge A.S.S.BUNKER weapon by Omise. Definitely a weapon to be reckon with, comes in left or right version, big or small size too. Every part of the weapon is customize with the HUD and it also comes with it's own set of poses to play with! Try a demo and check it out. As this is a collaboration once again with DevinVaugh, there is a slight difference between our picture as he made a slight changes with his attire after I have taken my shoot with him. I will credit the difference changes down below along with the rest of the credits. See you dollz in the post~

On her, Jacqueline of the Vampire Hunter's Association

Body Pixels

Hair @ .Olive. - the Steamer Hair | Satin
Skin @ [Pink Fuel] - Sora | Alabaster | Natural
Eyeshadow @ La Malvada Mujer - La Marchesa Eyeshadow | BoM Catwa N6 [mainstore]
Lip @ La Malvada Mujer - La Marchesa Lipstick | BoM Catwa N1[mainstore]
Face @ TF - Machinist (F) | Face | With Hollow | Medium BoM [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new


Outfit @ Eliavah - Regius Attire | Maitreya [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new
Head @ bonbon - martha hat | unrig [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new
Legs @ *Sheer* - Tights 28 | Torn Opaque Black Lower
Boots @ A&Y - Neo-Victorian Boots | Maitreya 
[Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new

Pose n Props
Side @ [Omise.] - A.S.S.BUNKER | L-Right [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new
Pose @ Ploom - Z.D.F | 3 + Animare edit
Background @ Tulagi

On him, the Chief of Sioux Nation

Guest appearance @ DevinVaugh - BishieStyleSL blog

For a complete stylecard and his version of the story, visit the post in BishiStyleSL blog. (will be updated)

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