Friday 2 October 2020

Engine Room - Calm before War

The calm before the storm. The scent of flower before the ashes. The dainty lights from lights before the fires. The sanctuary safety before it will be ruined. 

Everything will be collateral damage when the war clock begun. Strange war to control the world's fuel. To control the evolution. To control the future. To the victor belong the spoils.

I am ready to face that war and win. 

After this last smoke and perhaps my latest batch of tea.

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The third round of Engine Room is open! For at least more than 10 days now. There are a lot of products this round with mixed steampunk and diesel themed. I'm trying to use more of the decor items in this round so I've been juggling ideas for too long for this starter post. I have a few more idea to flesh out as well as the story to progress. If some of you dollz were with me during Clockwork Spiral time, you dollz might remember the stories of basically Steam vs Diesel that I did some collaborations with my friend Devin. For this scene as well, I had his help by a ton. Most of what you are from his stash. We might be collaborating again in a few posts down in this event. I have played my part in his picture here.

I wish I can write a dedicated highlight paragraph but at the moment my time is a bit too tight. I might return to this and re-edit this. All the credits down below and I'll see you dollz in the next post. Happy October spooks y'all!

Body Pixels

Skin @ Jalwa - Zahida | Goth | Victorian 
Hair @ bonbon - martha hair R [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new


Outfit @ Apricot Paws - Velo Bloomers | Velo Shirt tucked [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new
Shoewear @ Eudora3D - Lyra Boots | Maitreya | Brown2 [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new
Earring @ Eclectica - Perenelle gothihc earring | Charcoal
Neck @ AMBIX // - Victorian Pearls [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new
Left hand @ ::Static:: - Vaporosso | Long Casual Pose [mainstore
Right hand @ [REQUISITION] - The Finicky Flintlock [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new


*[Pipit]* - ChairSit Poses + Black Dragon Viewer poser 

Props (from left to right)

[ContraptioN] Decor: L'Orangerie du Docteur [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new

NOMAD // Antique World Map A

[noctis] Station Table Lamp brass

[noctis] Gargoyle bookstack

[noctis] Cognac Bottle (touch for glass)

[noctis] vintage cigar box open (touch for cigar)

[noctis] vintage papers

[noctis] Baron Von Scarlet's Secretary desk

[noctis] Baron Von Scarlet drawing room chair

Apple Fall Books & Map

::Static:: Aether Compass - 10 RARE {Red Sea} [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new

AMBIX // Cogwork Key - Rez or Wear [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new

::Static:: Aether Compass - 11 RARE {Old One} [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new

-Pixicat- Spellbook (Plain) Closed

-Pixicat- Spellbook (Simpel) Open

-[The White Crow]- Senior Crow (Gold/Black) -Single Anim standing- [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new

::Static:: Aether Compass - 09 RARE {God's Eye} [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new

:[Petrichor]:- Kersi Weights [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new

:[Petrichor]:- Kersi Scale [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new

Schadenfreude Vampire Flask (open) [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new

/Studio Dire/ Tournier Table [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new

[noctis] Baron Von Scarlet red bullskin rug

CURELESS [+] Skeletal System / NOIR

FGinc.~ Closed Book with page: The Martian Chronicles

Apple Fall Wooden Trunk (Decor)

Garden props

LB_Bouton d'or Orange{Field}

HPMD* WildGrasses -green- a

Garden by anc fantasy grass "Breathing" bloom 1prim

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