Monday 12 October 2020

Engine Room - Strike a Deal

 I remember the scent of the stale steam fumes on rooftops, drifted by the crisp late fall winds. 
I remember the silence echoing in the dead night barely lit by the moon.
I remember the chill even before he appeared.
In silence, he had appeared behind me. With a split second intent to end me.
"It would be such a shame if the information you provide next became your last words,"
In that split second breath I took, I knew who I was dealing with.
Monsieur Bleu, owner of the peculiar but famous avant-garde themed ballet theater with equally peculiar guests.
 "I was wondering why the Lupo Clan were targeting you, Monsieur Bleu, I had simply overheard their conversation at the pier whilst I was gathering my package of tea,"
Amused blink, the man took his time to process my words,
Slight smirk, he answered,
"Ah, fetching up a package of tea during a night stroll I presume?"
Flirtatious smile, I replied,
"It was a special blend of Moon Flower leaves, it's very delicate to the sunlight," 
And in another breath I added,
"Much like yourself now, Monsieur Bleu?"
 His face took a pleased features,
"Perhaps I am, Madame Spy,"
"Not many survives with this knowledge of mine, thread carefully with the next words,"
I remember taking a nervous puff, a slight hysteric laugh almost escapes my lips as I turn to face him, unwilling to have my back vulnerable,
"I wish for a trade, Monsieur, your protection for my information and my silence"
Perhaps he knew he is not getting much from my silence.
Perhaps he was intrigued and wish to observe like an audience in his theater.
Perhaps I am foolish to strike a deal of a monster of the night.
Perhaps, however, he could be my trump card future times.
Times like the current war. 

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 Engine Room Catalouge

Teleport to Engine Room in SL

The Engine Room has reached half time! Some designers have put out more items for sale at their booths. You dollz can check the catalog to see the extra products. This idea took a bit too long to flesh out for me. ^^; 

Highlight of the picture is beautiful detailed Dornenburg Scene Skybox made by Varonis. Every nook and cranny of this skybox is so detailed down to the every fallen leaves. While it has a high land impact, the texture details are worth it especially for photography scene. The outfit I'm wearing are pieces from Abigale gacha made by devious Mind in the event. There are a lot colour combination with the shirts, skirts, buckles and boots with lots of frills. The Evangeline hat and hair combination is by Raven Bell, with the hat can be worn separately or fancy decor. There are several fancy color combo hud for the hair as well as for the hat to change the general parts like the hat, under hat and the ribbons. The weapon I'm brandishing is the Prototype - Revolver created by [Val/More] with 2 general theme for the gun. The bow can be turn off or on depending on the scene you play. It has animated bullet that can be equipped for added immersions and a cool idle animation, spinning and tossing the gun in the air. What Monsieur Bleu is wearing can be check in DevinVaugh's blog which I will credit down along with the rest of my own credits. I'll see you dollz in the next post~

Madame Spy

Body pixels

Skin @ Jalwa -  Zahida | Goth | Victorian 
Hair + Hat @ Raven Bell - Evangeline Hat + Hair [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new


Outfit + Boots @ ! devious Mind - Abigale | LARA [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new
Leg @ Sn@tch - Fishnet Leggings


Skybox @ Varonis - Dornenburg Scene [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new
In hand @ [Val'More] - Prototype | Revolver [Engine Room, ends October 20th] *new

Monsieur Bleu

Head over to DevinVaugh's Post

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