Saturday 20 November 2021

Necrotize - Pandemonium

Take Aim, Take Aim
You know it in your heart
Take Aim, Take Aim
You know it in It's Over
Take Aim, Take Aim
You know it in It's Over


I'll Never Feel Trust
I'll Never Feel Trust
I'll Never Feel Trust Again

Odonis Odonis - Trust

Necrotize Event

Necrotize Group Flickr

 Necrotize Catalouge

Teleport to Necrotize in SL

Necrotize last day!

By left, Alien Spy


Head @ Level 9 - Xino Helmet [Necrotize, ends November 20th] *new
Wires @ Black Cat Poses - Defying Gravity | Cyber Helmet Pose 5 Fatpack
Neck @ HUMAN GLITCH - REPTRX | Collar Maitreya
Chest @ SOLE - SA-CL Joint Tech | SP White Black
Bodysuit @ Cubic Cherry - {Hikaru} suite WHITE | Red Metal [mainstore]
Body Tattoo @ CURELESS[+] - Synthetic Angels | Transangelism | OMEGA [mainstore]
Body Straps + Top @ Normandy - Hibernation Straps + Boob Plate + Tubes | Maitreya [Necrotize, ends November 20th] *new
Arm + Hand Glow @ *Arts & Gears* - Cyber Holo Hand
Feet @ Cubic Cherry - {Orici} Boots Fatpack [Necrotize, ends November 20th] *new

By right, Alien King

For the continuation of the story and the Alien King's outfits along with the settings credit, head to Devin Vaugh's blog here.

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