Sunday 7 November 2021

Necrotize - Prey

"So you are the Doctor of Rhodes Island? I heard that you can help with this Oripathy problem that I apparently got infected with. Of course, in return, help create another me. Doctor. Oh my codename? Maybe Cobalt but I like you call me Cyriliv like before."

Did you know, Doctor?

The Cobalt Blue Tarantula is one of the most venomous species on this planet?

Coming from the Old World era as well, it has such a remarkable design of nature.

Naturally using nanocrystals to mimic the cobalt blue color seems fitting that I would be so compatible with Oripathy Arts.

Can you really help me, Doctor?

With so much Oripathy in my blood that it took over a pair of my legs?

It might be fate that you managed to broke through the Oripathy cocoon, you are indeed special. It is the true destiny, I wonder?

Operator Cyriliv, Codename Cobalt, has joined the Rhodes Island Operation as a High-Level Specialist with ability to bind and impair targets using specialize ground AOR Arts similar to spider's appendages that also contains venom unique to her species.

Necrotize Event

Necrotize Group Flickr

 Necrotize Catalouge

Teleport to Necrotize in SL

I made an OC Operator for Arknights game. Hap mi

Body pixels

Head @ LeLUTKA - Lilly 3.1
Hair @  Yomi - Andromena Hair [Necrotize, ends November 20th] *new
Skin @ CURELESS[+] - Endorphine | Sand | Bare [mainstore]
Eyes @ CURELESS[+] - Yuurei Eyes | Vengeful [mainstore]
Eye Makeup @ Rubedo - Ludovica | REG 09 [Necrotize, ends November 20th] *new
Lips @ Gorsimi - Azagoth Lipstick [Necrotize, ends November 20th] *new
Neck Tattoo @ Lilithe - Inktomi Tattoo | Fresh
Body Tattoo @ CURELESS[+] - Precious Gem | Crystal Tattoo | Blue | BOM [mainstore]


Head @ CURELESS[+] - Arachnid Headpiece [mainstore]
Face @ Insomnia Angel - Crystal tears [mainstore]
Neck @ {Minuit} - Fuka Choker | Modify [Necrotize, ends November 20th] *new
Body Gems @ ::Static:: - Frostbitten Body Gems | Megapack | Maitreya [mainstore]
Arms @ Wicca's Originals - Deacon Arm [Necrotize, ends November 20th] *new
Bottom @ CURELESS[+] - Precious Gem | M | Geode Lingerie Panty | RARE [mainstore]
Legs @ CURELESS[+] - Precious Gem | M | Crystal Leg | Black [mainstore]

Prop & Pose

Pose @ {NanTra} - Requiem 4 + Black Dragon Poser edits
Appendages @ The DeadBoy - Rexlas Claws | Bento [Necrotize, ends November 20th] *new
Container @ Butanik83 - My Friend WORM [Necrotize, ends November 20th] *new

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