Sunday 26 December 2021

Salvage Station - Hope of the End

The Restaurant at the End of the World by DevinVaugh

'Twas the day before Christmas on top of Old York, 
A wind turbine was stirring, making power with torque;
The meal was prepared by busy Bots with care,
In hopes that rare customers would soon be there;
Owner Claus was nestled all snug in his furs,
While holiday cheer warmed the restaurateur;
And Ruby the Red Leg Slayer with her Zombie Claymore,
protected the cobbled together outpost against war.
There were no gifts, or days of scavenging in crippling fear;
Only love, joy, and hope for a better Christmas next year.

May y'all dollz celebrating Christmas have a good week ahead

Ruby the Red Leg Slayer with Zombie Claymore

Body pixels

Head @ LeLUTKA - Lilly 3.1
Hair @ WINGS - Hair ON0618
Skin @ 7 Deadly Skins - Body 2020 AKYLA bom | TAUPE
Left leg @ Cubic Cherry - {Rust} LegCap + PegLeg RED [mainstore]


Head @ .Evil Baby. - Artillery Shell Helmet | Black [mainstore]
Face @ Butanik83 - Scavenger Mask [mainstore]
Neck @ ::Static:: - The Orthodontist [mainstore]
Top @ AsteroidBox. - Survivor Shirt | Maitreya Flat + Right Arm Bandage [mainstore]
Bottom @ Hotdog - Torn leg trousers | Maitreya [mainstore]
Hands @ Clemmm - Bandaged Fingers
Right foot @ HARO - DI1 Shoes 

Pose & Props
Back @ [REQUISITION] - The Zombiehunter's Claymore [MarketPlace]

For Owner Claus' and decor credits, head over to DevinVaugh's blogpost here.

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