Thursday 9 December 2021

Salvage Station - Languish

"A cold blast of wintry cruelness blew into her tiny metal shelter hobbled together of the few thing left intact in the god-forsaken frozen wasteland. Although she knew it was dangerous, lighting a fire could attract killers or rapists, but it was Christmas Eve damn it. What did she have to live for, all alone like this? She built a twig tree and hung makeshift ornaments on it. 

Happy memories of her childhood living along the banks of the Mississippi came flooding back. She knelt before twig tree, set it on fire, and prayed, “Papa Noel, …with this light I call to you. Bring kindness to a lost soul on this special night.” 

The warmth against her cold exposed flesh felt good. Would this be the last fire she would ever enjoy, or by some miracle would a companion come to rescue her from this loneliness?"

Story by DevinVaughn

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Wish upon the stars

Body pixels

Head @ LeLUTKA - Lilly 3.1
Hair @ BonBon - Rei Hair L + Bandage
Skin @ CURELESS[+] - Endorphine | SAND | Bare
Eyes @ Butterfly Kiss Boutique - Plated Eyes | 3 Blue [Salvage Station, ends December 20th] *new
Nose @ Axix - Bleeding Nose Tattoo
Arm Tattoo @ Cubic Cherry - {Infection} Wounds Hands BLACK [mainstore]
Neck Tattoo @ Cubic Cherry - {Infection} Wounds BLACK 
Body Dirt @ Persephone - Apocalyptic | Body Dirt | Full [Salvage Station, ends December 20th] *new


Top + Pants + Boots @ Art&Ko - Post Apocalyptic Set | Maitreya [Salvage Station, ends December 20th] *new

In Hand @ [Level 9] - The Loaded Question Salvage Station, ends December 20th] *new

Shelter @ Dirty Rat - Bell Shelter Salvage Station, ends December 20th] *new
Robot @ Studio Dire - Rust Bucket | NPC Salvage Station, ends December 20th] *new
Tree @ Pucca Firecaster's Creations - Dead Christmas Tree | slow
Fire @ DownDownDown - Essential Campfire
Snow @ DownDownDown - Snow Pile
Scenery @ !PANDEMONIUM - Quarter Cliff Snowy Gray Rock

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