Friday 18 October 2013

Horrofest - Bloody Red Riding Hood

One would simply brush off when they encounter a figure with a red hood over her face. They would walk the other way hoping not have another encounter with lone red ridding hood. Ah, but some astray from that silent warning and approach her. As she turns her face slightly, they would gasp and she would plead in a tiny child-like voice. "Help me, I have been cursed! A witch has turned my face into this! Please, only you can help me!" 

Oh those men would fall easily. She would lure them to her lair, unknowingly to them. As they step into the darkness, the door would lock themselves and they would be trapped. Her face would morph into a giant mouth, ready to engulf the trapped prey. Her black clawed hands holds the victims with inescapable grip. Bloods stained her pure white dress, into red.

The door opened again. The red riding hood emerges from the dark, as the tongue licks the blood from the clawed hands. Then she would disappear, waiting for another prey to fall in her traps...

Horrorfest is open as we speak! There are a huge list of designers with bloody amazing works! Horrorfest is organised by The Guild of Gloom who also organized Zombiefest with cumulative total of 700,000L$ and trafficmore than 50,000. This year, they intend to surpass that amount to possibly 2,000,000L$ from the 100% proceeds from the sale of exclusive items from designers who took part in Horrorfest. The donation will fund the Epilepsy Therapy Project. Be sure to visit Horrorfest and check out the exclusive items! I will try to cover more about the event as much as I could so expect more posts!

I was hoping you dollz won't a heart attack from that picture too. Haha!

Available excluxively at Horrorfest 2013
Mesh head #1 @ DRD - common doll Phantom (Horrorfest gatcha)
Mesh head #2 @ DRD - rare Blind Carnage f.o.d (Horrorfest gatcha)
Hood @ - Raven hood (crimson)
Dress @ ~SongBird~ - Will you still love me? (clean and bloody)

Demon hands @ DRD - demonhands

Location @ Samurai City

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