Friday 25 October 2013

Horrorfest - Service Maid

The maid silently walks in the dark. Careful not to starlet her master in his resting. Her movement was silent as the shadows, quickly doing her chores of the day before the dawn breaks through the mountains. Her heels clicked softly on the velvet-like carpets as she pushed the cart full of her master's morning essentials towards the main room. The door opens without a single creak and she effortlessly pushed the heavy cart inside. She stops the cart near the window and swiftly opens the curtains. Something in the cart glimmered with the morning sunlight, as she turns back and picked it up.

Her pure white maid dress was seen to be literally smothered with blood as she grips the knife that she once used to decapitate her beloved master's head. She was very much in love with him, so much that she just could not bare to see him with another female. Strong wooden root sprout from the dried pool of blood near the window, in which she use to place the master's head. In the very room, in the very mansion of her master's, Hackberry Mansion. Long forgotten as soon as his death was announced. Grinning to see her most beloved, she continues her illusion of 'taking care' of her master as if he is still alive in that haunted mansion. Scheduled, away from the terrified minds. 

Hello again my pretty dead dollz! Another post with awesome items from Horrofest 2013! There are so much awesomely bloody stuff to show that I almost faint from it! LoL just kidding! I'm doing my very best of showcasing most of the items as to my hectic schedule would allow me. The white bloody maid outfit by ILAYA which includes with the knife is one of the many awesome hunt gift of The Grand Olde Horrofest! No worries, ILAYA also sells the maid outfit in noir, blue and rose color as well pumpkin sweater as the 100% donation item at the event. The poses I am using are also comes a maid pose pack by ILAYA.

The jaw is from the amazing [ContraptioN] and includes 4 types of face expression, bloody tattoos to match with the expression and female/male size. These pretty little black heels that every female in SL should have is from Demotik and also comes with other colors sold. And also my hypnotic eyes are from AvatarBizarre and also sold in different other colors as well. The house I took pics is the newest house set by Never Totally Dead which is Hackberry. There is a demo house rezzed at the sim and you guys just have to tp down to it. I'll tell you it's a really creepy house! Credits are below and I hope you dollz are ready for more bloody posts soon! See ya

Exclusive at Horrorfest 2013
Eyes @ AvatarBizarre - Eyes Retina Polish
Jaw @ [ContraptioN] - The Carnivorous Jaw 
Outfit, Knife, Poses @ ILAYA - Bloody Maid (Hunt Gift)
Shoe @ Demotik - Mesh Black Velvet Peeptoe 

My Styling
Hair @ Eaters Coma - Gift hair
Skin @ Corvus - Zara Skin (GG)
Hands @ SLink - Relaxed gesture

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