Friday 4 October 2013

The final beauty of World's End Garden

Yes, the rumors are true. Lucia will be closing the World's End Garden sim on 18th October. It's a saddening news as we will lose another breath-taking beautiful place. I have seen far many pictures taken at this magical sim by a lot of fantastic photographers.

She will still keep her store at Kowloon and at the marketplace. But we all know well that WEG sim has no replacement. I myself would never find another sim with same magic as WEG, and I deeply regret that I never had a chance to properly explore and portraying the beauty as it should be. As me and my sister, Ruby, re-visit the sim, we notices a tremendous change. There are lesser amount of built than before and it set a painful reminder of it's very soon closure.

And so, go visit the sim once more before it will be forever gone from the Grid.

My styling (Dark Demon)
Hair @ [e] - Unfold
Skin @ [kooqla] - Queens (black)
Eyelashes @ Miasnow Web Lashes
Eyes @ Dead Apple - Sinister Pack (Madness)
Horns @ WEG - Baroque Diabolique Horn (Kowloon Opening gift)
Hands @ DRD - Demon hand
Earring, Choker @ Chaos, Pain, Disorder - The Widow set

Her styling (White Demon)
Hair @ Truth - Rashida
Skin @ [PF] - Harley (Caramel)
Eyelashes @ TGIS - Ultra long 3D Aplha lashes
Eyes @ Dead Apple - Sorrow eyes (GG)
Horns @ Aii~The Ugly and Beautiful - Infernal Horns
Eyeliner @ [ni.ju] - Red Panda.pure black (opening gift at RMK Gothic)
Headdress @ FINESMITH - March gift

Twin's wear
Eye tatoo @ [kooqla] - Lost Verse (Makeup & tatoo hunt . past)
Dress @ Apple May Design - Lavish Mesh gown

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