Tuesday 29 April 2014

Broken Throne

She was to lead the century old kingdom to a new a era. She had visions, strategies and supports for her dreams. That was when a dormant traitor decides to crush the old kingdom down to it's ruins.

She was forced to fled, by the order of her father. Just like that, her precious kingdom fallen. When she was finally allowed to return to her castle. There was just ceremonial throne left by their ancestors stood in between the ruins. 

She vowed on her father's ash that she will bring the crumbling kingdom back to it's own glorious era once more.

By now, the first round of Fit for a Princess is over and I'm just waiting for the next round which is Floral theme! Sooooonnn!!! Very soon. May would be another bus month again with Fantasy Faire and World Goth Fair coming! Wohoo!! Anyways, until the next post my lovely dollz!

Skin @ MyUglyDorothy - Re-opening gift
Hair @ Ayashi - Queen of Hearts [past RMK hunt gift]
Eyes @ {S0NG} - Murky ~ Kirby Eyes
Dress @ Kouse's Sanctum - Anna Ruby
Gloves @ AdamEve - Opera Gloves
Necklace @ Mesh free necklace

Location @ Pretty Island 

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