Wednesday 2 April 2014

Fit for A Princess - Her Private Tower

The sun slowly made it's way to sink behind the horizon. The light slowly changed its colour and the air started to chill.

The only sound resounding in the seemingly empty room is the sound of pages being flipped. The sweet serenade of the birds. Her silent breaths. This is her routine, everyday after her studying and etiquette lesson. She would spend her time here, read book after books taken from her father's private library. 

At her private tower, built by her father for her 10th birthday. It was located further from the main castle, but overlook the beautiful sea that was the pride of her kingdom. Sometimes she would stay there until night falls and returns much later after when she finished day-dreaming. 

The King would never scold her, he would give a wise advise at times but he knows that her hobby would prove useful in the future. Only time would tell

I rarely read princess stories aside the usual Disney ones, so this was quite an awkward story that I wrote. Hope you guys would make out what I'm trying to tell you guys in the story! xD
Fit for A Princess, A Royal Shopping event has open it's drapes and really every piece made the creators are very pretty. Coz' every girl has a dream of being a princess at some point in her life.

The dress I'm wearing is by .Luminary. and also sold in a few other colours as well. The book I'm holding is one of the gatcha prize by Frogstar is Pride and Princess common book. Also the little tiara I'm wearing a part from Krystal's Purity Jewellery set in Platinum. The stone on it can be colour-change with a script.

So... hope you guys like it and see ya in the next post!

Hair @ ChiChickie - Fateweaver [FB gift edition]
Skin @ VCO - Jenny smokey
Eyes @ {Dead Apples} - Sorrow eyes Lilac
Tiara @ Krystal - Purity Tiara Plantinum [FFAP]
Dress @ .Luminary. - Grace Blue [FFAP]
Gloves @ Izzie - Short Lace gloves
Nails @ A:S:S - Rhinestone [FFAP]

Tower @ Alouette - The Princess' Tower [FFAP]
Book @ Frogstar - Pride and Princess [FFAP gatcha]

2nd pic @ .elephante poses. - Let it Go [FFAP]
3rd pic @ Glitterburps - Hands up

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