Sunday 20 April 2014

Fit for a Princess - The Queen and Me

"The Isle"
She was the eldest child, meaning that she will be the next to rule the kingdom after her mother. It wasn't easy. Seeing that she was a rebellious little child that loved to spent more time playing with her little brothers. Until the time has come for the Queen to start training her, the young princess was given chance to do whatever she wants. She was never to leave the castle ground of course.

Months turn to years, the young princess bloomed wonderfully and the Queen started to feel that it's time to begin her training. They start slowly, first changing her dreadful fashion taste to sophisticated fashion sense fit for a princess. They have a long way to go.

I'm sooo sorry! It's been a lot time since I last post. And this picture been lying around in my folder, waiting for me edit it and upload it. My mum already posted her part long ago and I suddenly was drowned assignment deadlines and tests. Studying medicine is never easy. But anyways please enjoy my post for today. I have a project coming up that will take most of my time again soon. That said... until the next post, my lovely dollz! <3

Princess' Styling
Skin @ Jalwa - Victorian [past Genre]
Hair @ Milk - SpellBound [FFAP]
Eyes @ {Song} - Murky eyes
Dress @ peqe- Princess... or is she? Hades [FFAP]
Tiara @ Hopscotch - Amira Tiara [FFAP]
Necklace @ Krystal - Purity necklace [FFAP]
Glove @ Izzie - Short lace glove

an lar poses - Know it all [FFAP]

Queen's Styling

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