Saturday 10 May 2014

Fantasy Faire - The Mystical Siren

Some say she was born in depths of Hell below. Some say she was thrown from Heavens above Sanctum. Exiled for reasons that was kept secret from the residences of FaireLands. It was unknown whether she was planning to secretly overthrow Sanctum for now she merely roam the Hells below. Centuries passed and her appearance morphed to suit her mobility to travel through the sea and air. She is no Mermaid nor anything from Sanctum. She.... was different. Yet the authorities are wary of her real intention. Perhaps time will show...

Oh phew, I made it.... I really wanted to show this beautiful piece made by aisling. I hope you enjoyed it and expect my next post soon!

Hair, Skin, Eye @ gauze - Koi Dragon [free low lag outfit for FF]
Crown, collar @ aisling - Sumiana Ice [FF special]
Face Tattoo @ LaNoir Soleil Design - TribAlien tattoo full [FF special]
Lips @ Pin Me Down - Tyni 2 [FF special]
Pauldron, Pasties, Cuffs, Anklet, Bracelet @ Folly - Mother of Dragons [RFL special]

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