Monday 19 May 2014

World Goth Fair - Bats

The Franken Lady, as so others call her. She's been around Cursed almost as long as the High Council. If anyone knows the histories of Cursed, it's her and the High Council. She is the best fighter whenever a war broke out, being able to attach back her body parts even being pulped to bits. As the time passed, the Dark world seem to be in peace without much problems. As much as she wants to be sure that nothing will be happening again, Faye Noir, The Franken Lady has the unmistakeable intuition of something bad will happen. She sent a bat messenger to the High Council for precaution, dreading the bad feelings she's having.

Holding her uniquely marked hands together, she silently hoped for the rest of the Noir family members to be safe.

Hulloz everyone again! World Goth Fair is still spinning it's wheels and welcomes all the dark creatures alike! Don't worry about Faye, she won't bite~ There are lots of music event coming up and I just hope I can take part in between my exams and all [or not, my onii-chan is yelling me] So... anyways, more of awesome dark fashions coming all the while showing you dollz the dark creatures of Cursed! Get ready for some nice collabs soon! Peace out, dollz!

Hair @ Damselfly - Octotavia [WGF, 50% donation]
Skin @ *Atomic Faery* - Franken Girl - Bone [WGF, 50% donation]
Eyes @ Clemmm - The Whites
EyeLiner - Beautiful Freak - Demonia gruesome gold [WGF]
Face makeup @ Pin Me Down - Tili
Necklace, Earring @ House of Rain - All Depths of Despair [WGF]
Corset @ Adoness - Hekate Corset Meteor [WGF, 50% donation]
Skirt @ ~SongBird~ - Shay Skirt Res Stripe [WGF]
Boots @ The Little Bat - Axi Boot [WGF gacha]
Garter @ Squeek! - Bat garther [WGF, 50% donation]
Nails @ Pin Me Down - Itsy Bisty [WGF 100% donation]

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